Northern New Mexico Loop

Day 3 NNML – Shout of Relief

After much assessment, we decided to launch our packrafts from a small rock cliff. Willows on both banks almost covered in water, lined the banks making it tricky to even get to the river.

Day 2: NNML – Juniper, Heat, and Cacti

Both Sally and I are a bit more than nervous about the conditions we are facing of tomorrow’s ford of the Rio Grande.

The first 2 water sources on the route are cow troughs. It was so hot, we had no problems with the conditions of cow pies and all kinds of green stuff in the water and surrounding the area.

SUMMER BEGINS! – The Northern New Mexico Loop

School is out. Oh ya. It is time to hit the trail.

First up this summer Sally (Arrow) and I will be hiking the first half of Brett Tucker’s creation, “The Northern New Mexico Loop”. Brett Tucker has put together a number of very interesting and challenging routes.