Sometimes you just have to go…

It is a New Year! And guess what that means in my household? Yep, the trip planning begins. If perhaps you are in need of a bit of inspiration or cheering on to make your dreams happen, I would like to share a letter that was given to me as a Christmas gift. A gift from the heart.

Aspens on a Winter Night

I am really excited to share an original artwork created by fellow hiker and artist Nancy Romanovsky. This is the third piece of art she has painted based on a photo featured on Lady on a Rock. The latest oil rendition is taken from my winter blog entry, Eastern Sierra Winter Adventure to Palisades and Arches.

tHInK outsidE Rocks 2016

  Sharing the outdoors is my passion. I think good information and planning leads to safe and happy outdoor adventures. Recent studies about the effects […]

Anish Sets Speed Record on AT

Congratulations Anish! On September 24, 2015, Heather “Anish” Anderson set the new speed record for a self-supported thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, becoming the first […]

Wild Woman I Am!

Hey fun news! I was just featured in Allison Nadler’s  Trail to Summit’s Wild Women series! The series not only features an interview about me in […]