Days 2-4 Golden Trout Wilderness Big Loop

It was a great day until the last couple of hours. Relentless gnats hovered over my eyes so I just kept hiking. I had intended on camping at Little Kern Lake, but between the gnats, biting flies, and mosquitos, I just kept going.

Day 13 NNML – Sound of Music Ridge Walking

Okay…I know I have talked a lot about how green and how many meadows abound in New Mexico, but it is true. At least for this time of year. The sky was bluer and the trees and meadows greener…not to mention heart swelling ridge walking. I have photos to prove it.

Day 11 NNML – Aspen and Iris

With an early start from Ghost Ranch and cooler forecasted temps, the day was heaven. As we rose in elevation, the brilliant green forest was lush and thick with intermittent fields of wild iris lined with flickering aspens.

Day 9 NNML – 10 by 10

1st Mission of this day: Drop elevation to the Rio Chama River and climb 1800 feet in elevation up to to the top of Mesa de La Viejos BEFORE noon and the intense hot heat of the afternoon. We not only made our goal but also hiked 10 miles by 10:00 am.