John Muir Trail – Days 10-12 Fish Creek to Mammoth Lakes

Day 10  – Race to Mammoth

Pumice is the devil.

July 17
Fish Creek to Horseshoe Lake – 18 miles

Tully Hole

Virginia Lake

Early morning – Virginia Lake

Virginia Lake

Early morning – Virginia Lake

Days 11 & 12  – Zero & Nero Reassess in Mammoth

Positivity and supportive. It is all you need in life.

July 18
Mammoth RV Park

We ate at Stellar Brew & Natural Cafe (a bunch), shopped, walked, rode the trolley, and showered. Best of all we had drinks and veggies at my good friend Rambler’s condo. Afterward, we all dined together at Robertos Mexican food with more food and drink. It was a very memorable night. Thanks, Rambler.

July 19
Minaret Summit to above Agnew Meadows on HIgh Trail – 4 miles (evening hike)

After much struggle, a few of our team members due to exhaustion, fear, blisters, a wedding shower, and knee pain will not be continuing. I admire the strength in hikers that say “no” and know they will be back at it another day. The trail will be there. They are the true heroes.

With the Red’s Meadow Road still closed due to snow damage, we decided to head back to the trail via Minaret Summit. The John Muir Trail splits from the Pacific Crest Trail for a few miles after Red’s Meadow. We are choosing to hike the PCT route. I think the High Trail has beautiful views and much more scenic, plus fewer mosquitoes.

Sadly heading out on Red’s Meadow Road without 1/2 our crew, but ready to finish this

HIgh Trail at Sunset

Ritter and Banner at Sunset


  1. HI to the HIgh trail. I think I caught it!?

    If I were hiking with your mountain family, I might have to bail too. You four are some tough stuff!!

  2. Always a pleasure to get together with you and Dan. Triple the fun with your kids and friends. Every time we see you, I have a bunch of hiking questions about food, equipment and training but somehow we never get around to it. Too much fun talking about other stuff!

    BTW, I’m amazed by the greenery in your photos of this trip – not your usual Sierra color palette.

    Until next time, Ultreya!

  3. Randy Godfrey

    I love your posts and photos, Rockin’! The best!

  4. Brian Mortakis

    Another wonderful portfolio !

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