John Muir Trail – Days 4-6 Woods Creek to South Fork San Joaquin River

Day 4 – I am Strong, I am Stable, I Will Walk

Your body can do anything…
It’s your brain you have to convince.

July 11
Woods Creek to Upper Basin – 16 miles

Morning Yoga at Woods Creek
Crossing White Creek upstream on an ice bridge
PCT HIker and blog follower, “GO” and I. GO stopped me on trail and said, “I know that voice.”
Ascending PInchot Pass
Descending Pinchot Pass
Kings River Tributary crossing
Bryn, Michelle, and Sarah planning the next few miles. Warms my heart, big time.
Roaring Kings River
Helping PCT hiker, Christy with deep creek crossing
PCT hikers Christy and Holly
Seriously one of the favorite and serious times of the day, eating a delicious and big dinner
Camp in Upper Basin


Day 5 – Ice Axe … Not Just for Poop Shoveling

Fresh cool air and muddy trail runners make everything better.

July 12
Upper Basin to Little Pete Meadow – 19 miles

Going morning “over yonder” with potty bag and ice axe poop shovel
Sunrise – Upper Basin
Acending Mather Pass
Grant giving on the job ice axe handling and self-arrest instruction
Almost to the top
Great shot by Grant
The top of Mather Pass
Family pic
Crazy jump shot
Dan surfing on ice chunk in Palisade Lake
Heading down to Le Conte Canyon



Day 6  – Would Ya Look at All That Snow

A structured day reduces the need for willpower.
~Brian McFarland, Teacher

July 13
Little Pete Meadow to South Fork San Joaquin River – 20 miles

Creek crossing – Le Conte Canyon
Starting the ascent of Muir Pass
Ascent of Muir Pass
Muir Hut and Muir Pass
The team at the top of Muir Pass
Wanda Lake
Taking an Achilles tendon break
Evolution Valley
Crossing Evolution Creek
Sunset – Evolution Creek


  1. Sarah using her ice axe as a multi-use tool. ha

    The “Creeks” look like rivers. Knarly and not in a good way.

  2. You all seemed to have made a great team. I can’t imagine the fun you. A wonderful way to bond.

  3. What an awesome Mantra !!
    Evolution Creek looks like Class 4 white water !!
    I truly love your photos !! Plenty of smiles even with the injurys and danger !

  4. Beautiful photos, it looks like an epic trip! I’ve done quite a bit of backpacking and thru-hiking, but water crossings are still not one of my favorite things — just seeing your photos of those water crossings gets my anxiety up 🙂

  5. Question — in the chowing-dinner pic, do you happen to know the brand of those cool red thongs? I’m in the market for new camp shoes, and these look interesting!

    Your photos and video are absolutely gorgeous (as usual) !! Have loved the tidbits on instagram and was excited to be notified of your full posts. Looks like you had such a great trip with great folks.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Marijka, They are Xero Shoes. Grant really liked them on the trip. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for following along.

  6. Lucy Grittman

    You are certainly getting your share of “high” water crossings. Beautiful scenery too

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      It was all about teamwork on this trip. I would not have tackled most of the streams solo.

  7. Randy Godfrey

    Rockin’, your trip and photos are fabulous! All of these beautiful and familiar places that I remember from my PCT hike last year, except much more snow and sketchy creek crossings. Yikes! But, what an adventure!

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip <3.

    -Arrow (The other Arrow) 🙂

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      In all my years of hiking, this trip I would not have done alone. The fords were so raging and swift. It was you against the current. A fight for sure. Thank you for commenting. I hope you are doing some fun things this summer. I am off again for a solo hike.

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