Day 13 NNML – Sound of Music Ridge Walking

Ridge above San Antonio Creek

“Be silly, be honest, be kind.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 15 
West of Rinker Lake to Lagunitos Creek – 23 miles

Okay…I know I have talked a lot about how green and how many meadows abound in New Mexico, but it is true. At least for this time of year. The sky was bluer and the trees and meadows greener…not to mention heart swelling ridge walking. I have photos to prove it. 

We continued to hike with Happy and Jack. When they finish the CDT, they will have completed their triple crown, hiking the AT, PCT, and CDT. They think Sally and I are fun, I take that as a huge compliment. 

This section of the CDT stays between 9,000 and 11,000. It is cold at night and cool during the day. Perfect. 

Arrow, Happy, and Jack
Happy and Rockin’ – Hopewell Lake
Happy and Jack
Next to water source – we didn’t partake

Zpacks Duplex and 2 Solplexs – Nice!


  1. The views are beautiful.

  2. BeeKeeper

    1. You two set the bar high and I love it. Both beautiful, strong, bad ass.
    2. I hope zpacks is sponsoring you. The photos you’ve taken of their tents are some of the best.
    3. This looks like my kind of country. Ridges, views, green and plentiful water. Makes my heart swoon.

  3. I had no idea y’all were so tiny! No, it must be Rockin that’s tiny cuz I remember you saying Arrow was 5’10 or so.. The picture of Happy and Rocking makes Rocking look tiny or Happy is a really big guy. Regardless, it’s a new perspective. It was a beautiful ridge-walking day!

  4. Beautiful trail with Arrow leading the way.

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