Day 11 NNML – Aspen and Iris

June 13

Ghost Ranch to Cano Canyon – 23 miles

It was a lovely day.

With an early start from Ghost Ranch and cooler forecasted temps, the day was heaven. As we rose in elevation, the brilliant green forest was lush and thick with intermittent fields of wild iris lined with flickering aspens.

Cows continue to frequent the national forests and it is very entertaining to watch their behaviors.

Box Canyon
Looking back at Ghost Ranch


  1. BeeKeeper

    I’ve been missing wild irises and this makes me miss them even more. The combo with aspen is unique and eye catching.

  2. Beautiful wild flowers… and you guys are the best freestanding tent setter uppers I’ve ever seen! You could pop a quarter off those tents!

  3. Wild flowers: awesome!!

    And wonderful smiles (with great teeth to boot)!

  4. Have been following you on this hike since Day 1. You are a brave woman! I love the way you experience life to the fullest. Your father-in-law would love the irises and aspens. Stay safe!

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