Day 10 NNML – Feeding Like the Bovines

If you are alive, you will continue. ~CDT Hiker, Happy

June 12

Ghost Ranch – little as possible movement forward 

Hummmm. Let’s see. What did happen today?

Shower, eat, laundry, blog, eat, 2 hour nap, organize stuff, eat, talk to CDT thru-hikers, shower again, sleep

It was a fine day. Off again tomorrow morning to start the next stretch.

Interneting in Ghost Ranch Library
View from our very rustic dorm room
Happy, Anne, and Will – CDT hikers


  1. Larry Phillips

    Was enjoying following the trip. No news since the 14th. Hope everything is ok.

  2. Kathryn took a painting class at Ghost Ranch a few years ago. Amazing place!
    Peace and love from Zimbabwe.

  3. Diggin’ on that view from the bunk house. Hope it has cooled for you.

  4. Ahhhh rest is good.. rest with good books, internet and, better yet, new friends is even better!

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