Day 9 NNML – 10 by 10

Top of Mesa de La Viejos – So Grand Canyon


June 11
Fuertes Spring to Ghost Ranch – 25 miles

Trail miles are very different than route miles, especially when the CDT is marked so often with blue spray paint dots. Crazy. When I hiked on the CDT in 2013, I might only see one or two correct CDT signs during an entire day.

1st Mission of this day: Drop elevation to the Rio Chama River and climb 1800 feet in elevation up to to the top of Mesa de La Viejos BEFORE noon and the intense hot heat of the afternoon. We not only made our goal but also hiked 10 miles by 10:00 am.


2nd Mission of the day: Get to Ghost Ranch our resupply by 6:30. Dinner closes at the ranch at 6:30, very important.

Check, it was delicious.

We are taking a day off tomorrow to rest, clean-up, clean-up more, and stay cool. It is needed.

Arrow, blue paint, trail sign, and pink ribbon in tree – No getting lost here
Rio Chama River Wilderness
Rio Chama River
Mesa de La Viejos views
Rio Chama River Wilderness
Mesa de La Viejos – Lunch spot
Dropping down to Ghost Ranch for Resupply
Bridge on the way to Ghost Ranch


  1. Love reading your blog!

  2. Randy Godfrey

    I am absolutely loving your hike! beautifully rich scenery and many smiles! Thanks!

  3. Cool bridge photo.

  4. Simply stunning shot of the Mesa.. beautiful.. I am so loving this journey..

  5. That photo of you and Sally is funny. Sally’s like, “OK, we’re here”, and your are like, “Hey, we are way up here!!!! Check it out!”.

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