Day 8 NNML – Shade to Shade

Aspen – San Pedro Parks

June 10

Rio de Las Vacas Creek (CDT – San Pedro Parks Wilderness) to Fuertes Spring – 16.5 miles

Early morning walk through San Pedro Parks reminded me a bit of Scotland, rolling and green.

After leaving the park we met our first CDT hikers, Will and Anne. It was fun talking to them about their hike.

The trail descended to desert environment and with the low elevation came intense afternoon sun. The best strategy for getting through this section was simply to hike from shade to shade. It got us through. 

The desert had stunning red rock formations and bright soil with Juniper and Pine. Quite unique. 

At the end of the day, we shared Fuertes Spring with the cows and Will and Anne. 

Sunrise – San Pedro Parks
Early morning – San Pedro Parks
Back down to the desert
Walking shade to shade with these beauties
Up up to cooler temps
Sharing water with the bovines – piped water on left is spring water – the best


  1. Great aspen photo.

  2. The contrast in the scenery is amazing! I know this is a random thought but I always look at huge meadows that look so perfectly manicured and wonder why, in my yard, I’m always fighting knee high weeds.. sigh..

  3. Are you two using umbrella’s?

    Beautiful. Just earlier/later in the season!! haha

  4. There is so much diversity on this hike; it looks like a great route!

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