Day 5: NNML – Beautiful East Jemez River Trail

E. Jemez River to La Cueva Lodge – 16 miles

Man oh man, we lived through one of the most powerful thunder storms last night. It was right in top of us and I wished I had ear plugs. That loud! 

If you ever get a chance hike the E. Jemez River Trail, it is idyllic, with easy trail and a meandering river. Along the way we visited Jemez Falls, MacCauley Warm Springs (jumped in fully clothed), and Battleship Rock. 

The La Cueva Lodge is lovely, with an amazing food truck parked in front with burgers and the best curly fries I have ever eaten. It is always a relief when resupply boxes are waiting. More rain and thunder this evening, but we are sheltered, hydrated, and very clean. Life is pretty fine. 

E. Jemez River Trail
Jemez Falls
These are for very little people
Battleship Rock
Battleship Rock area
I just love this little guy!
McCauley Warm Springs
Almost to La Cueva
Sending our pack rafts home – Mine top, Sally’s bottom


  1. I want the little hiker guy! So cute! I noticed on the sign that there’s no camping for the 16 miles of the E. Jemez..dang it.. cuz as a beginner backpacker that looks and sounds perfect! What was the temp like along the river?

  2. BeeKeeper

    Bet getting rid of the raft felt as good as dumping the bear canister. Another vote for cute hiker dude. Glad to see you experiencing some of the 2017 weather extremes also. Crazy!

  3. Wow, the Beautiful East Jemez River Trail is indeed quite beautiful. I’d like to go there myself.

    That fence is not for the petite; its for Lilliputians.

    Amazing how small Arrow’s pack raft is in comparison to yours.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      I know mine my raft was big. I do think they both worked the same. E. Jemez is worth putting on your list.

  4. What is that fence/gate thingy? Love the trail marker — looks like Bob’s Big Boy finally hit the trail and lost his tummy! teehee

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      It is the entrance for hikers through barbed wire fence lines for cows. Most of them we have found to be very tight to get through with our packs off. Love the link!

      • Cool, that makes sense! On the farm we used to spread the wire and crawl through, but definitely can’t do that with a pack. Huh, I guess it’s not enough to be ultralight – also gotta be skinnier than a cow. bwahahaha

  5. That little hiker sign is the best; Great find!

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