Aspens on a Winter Night

Aspens on a Winter Night
Aspens on a Winter Night ~ Nancy Romanovsky

An aspen grove is made up of one or several clones. Within each clone, all trees are genetically identical and share the same root system. They have the same general structure and the same leaf and bark characteristics. But time and the elements have left unique, individual marks on each tree. Light and shadow also touch each tree in a different way. I am drawn to capturing these individual differences while still depicting the aspen grove as a cohesive colony, as a brotherhood.
~Artist and Hiker, Nancy Romanovsky

I am really excited to share an original artwork created by fellow hiker and artist Nancy Romanovsky. This is the third piece of art she has painted based on a photo featured on Lady on a Rock. The latest oil rendition is taken from my winter blog entry, Eastern Sierra Winter Adventure to Palisades and Arches. The photo was taken by my husband, Dan, on the Big Pine Creek Trail above 1st falls. A magical setting.

Nancy has captured the raw beauty of a cold wintery night… paving a path for new things to come.

View Nancy’s other works inspired by my photography:

Be sure to visit Nancy Romanovsky at her online art gallery, Instagram, and Facebook.


  1. These are absolutely stunning…Thank you for sharing them! I just checked out her site and have linked my husband which one to buy me for mothers day! Ha ha! I had the great fortune of traveling to Colorado this past summer and was amazed by the beauty of the Aspens…I was stunned to find out that the largest living organism in the world is a single Quaking Aspen in Utah covers 106 acres of land!

  2. Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

    Thank you.

  3. Hey Rockin’,

    Congrats on being inspiration for Nancy. You always inspire me and I’m so thankful for your blog. Hope you are having a nice Summer’s end.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      I am thankful for you. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and of course, are spending some of it outdoors.

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