Loving Lander

Ya don’t want to walk around the mountains looking like a skeleton.
~Why Not’s Mantra Now because She is Trying to Gain Weight After Hiking the Sierra High Route

July 11
Hanging in Lander, Wyoming

Driving, eating, more driving and more eating!!!

After an awesome day in Lander we are ready to hit the trail tomorrow.

Tonight we had the nicest evening eating and visiting with hikers, Jacob and Kit. They made the shuttling and overnight stay in Lander just the best. Thank you, thank you Kit and Chinchilla.

Off we go!

Crossing the Continental Divide Trail on the Way to Lander
Looking toward the Wind River Range
Hanging out at the Lander Brewery and Ganett Grill
Kit and Jacob getting ready for a weekend climb
Oh those Wyoming Sunsets
The perfect t-shirt for Why Not

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  1. The Wyoming Sunset picture is sure a beauty. Glad you three are all happy and ready to get to it. I’m ready to travel along with you now!

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