Day 4 High Sierra Trail – Without a Hitch

SHR 2016 (3)
Finish Photo of the High Sierra Trail


July 18
Bearpaw Meadow to Crescent Meadow to Tehachapi – 11 very quick hiking miles and a lot of driving miles

We whizzed down the trail, making 11 miles by 10:00 am. Took a shuttle to Lodgepole, showered, ate, hitched to Grant Grove, and then hitched to Wired’s car. And now we are at my home in Tehachapi preparing for the next adventure, the Wind River High Route in Wyoming. More about this trip in upcoming blog entry.


SHR 2016 (1)
Smog in the San Joaquin Valley
SHR 2016 (2)
Moro Rock


  1. Users should check with park rangers before planning a trip with riding or pack stock. At least one section of the trail is closed to stock and grazing is limited in many areas.

  2. Wahoo! Now you’ve finished another trail. Lovely lovely photos. Hope you have a good start in the Winds.

  3. LOKI/Brian

    Best fnish photo EVER !!!
    Congrats !

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Nice to have a carved wooden sign.

      I should have stood higher and lifted both hands. No time though to get my balance.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Lucy Grittman

    What a great adventure you have shared with us. You girls are amazing. Anxious to go with you on your Wyoming hike!!

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