Day 3 High Sierra Trail – An Engineering Feat Indeed

Looks like you have a load.
~ what Rockin’ was thinking almost every time she passed another backpacker coming up the trail

July 17
Moraine Lake to Bearpaw Meadow – 19.4 miles

Arroyo Grande Canyon * Precipise Lake * Hamilton Lake

Black and White Photo Day!

I loved the hiking today. Mile after mile greeted the hiker with domes and spires of granite, a large variety of blooming wildflowers, deep blue lakes, tall and very healthy trees, well-crafted trail construction, and miles of downhill with bits of uphill spurts.

Precipice Lake was even better than the many photos I have viewed through the years. I definitely want to go back when there is morning or evening lighting. At Hamilton Lake many hikers enjoyed swimming in the warmer water. Why Not and I savored the energy giving cool water.

We are camped at Bearpaw Meadow, a rough campground with a faucet and pit potty. As we entered the area, a very friendly worker at the Bearpaw Sierra High Camp let us know they had beer and brownies for sale. Of course, we couldn’t turn it down.


Morning Light on Moraine Lake



Kaweah Gap
Precipice Lake

SHR 2016 (5)






Food is a very important and personal part of backpacking and changes from year to year and trip to trip. I asked Wired and Why Not what their favorite foods were this year and I of course added my 2 cents.

Wired: Little Debbie Brownies and Oreo Cookies

Why Not: Boulder or Trader Joe’s brand of potato chips made with olive oil.

Rockin’: Trader Joe’s brand of potato chips made with olive oil (2 bags smashed up in a ziplock) and Pro Bar Bite Coconut Almond flavor bars (I could eat these any time and love them).


  1. Nice blog, especially the pictures. I was about 3 weeks behind you going the other direction this summer on the HST. If there is a next time for you to hike this trail, you need to swim in Precipice lake. Super invigorating, even more so than Kern Hot Springs IMO.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      I admire you going the opposite direction. It seemed so much more difficult at the beginning of your hike.

      Swim in Precipice Lake? Now that would make memories. Agreed on Kern Hot Springs.

  2. I am just now catching up. I guess I was taking your pictures for granted, as they are always awesome, because when I scrolled down to the B & W, it brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Dawn, Wow, that means I must do a B&W day again. I never know what that does for the viewer. Thank you for sharing your emotions. That is the highest of compliments.

  3. Oh that Precipice Lake, what a beauty, even in B&W.

    I like ANY potato chips smashed up in a zip lock. What a great snack.

    That B&W photo of your shoes makes em’ look like they’ve taken a real beating. I guess that came from the SHR?

  4. Cool…Wired has the super powers. It takes me a month and a half to post my 8 days. 😉

  5. Earl bear me to it…Ansel Adams day! Love it.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Well this was certainly fun changing the photos into Black and White.

      I will definitely do it again.

  6. Earl Williams

    I have always deeply loved your photography along with your blogs but you have taken the photography to a new level. Just Amazing. Reminds me of Ansel Adams.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Oh good. I will do it again.

      It is so hard to know how to edit photos on the iPhone in the tent at night. Glad it worked out

      • One thing I do on mine is to override the auto light dimming and jack it up so I can more easily see the color I want so that it pops more. Much easier than when it’s dimmed down.

        • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

          Oh I do that! It is more that I am tired and it is on a small screen.

          You my friend have super powers.

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