Day 22 SHR – Wishes Do Come True and a Cold Confession

Everytime I travel, I learn something new. Hopefully I get to be a better person.
~from movie “180 Degrees South”

July 12
Cascade Lake to top of Horse Creek Pass – 9.8 miles

Sky Pilot Col * Virginia Canyon * Stanton Pass * Spiller Canyon * Horse Creek Pass

I had 2 wishes for this trip and both came true today. First, I was hoping for snow on the north side of Sky Pilot Col to cover about 2 miles of loose, sharp talus. Check. Today the pass had quite a bit of snow. It was fun coming down.

Annnnnddd I had hoped we would camp on top of a pass at least one time. Check! We are now camped on top of Horse Creek Pass the last of the 33 passes to climb on the Sierra High Route. 🙂

Tonight is our last night on the SHR. I think we all ended strong and happy with a 3 pass day and 4000 feet of elevation gain and loss.

I am dreaming of a hot bath at the Dow Villa in Lone Pine (we have a reservation, thank you Dan) and steak salad at the Whoa Nellie Deli (in the Mobile Station at Tioga Pass Road).

LoveNote and her baby, Juniper are picking us up tomorrow at Twin Lakes, which is super cool. Many of you know her from my Continental Divide hike in 2013.

We are hoping to resupply in Lone Pine and hike back across the Sierras on the High Sierra Trail to Wired’s car. It will be all on trail. Crazy to think of.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! 5 1/2 miles to complete the entire route. Yaaaaaaay.

Top of Sky Pilot Col
Flower – Sky Pilot

Top of Stanton Pass

Downclimbing Stanton Pass
Top of Horse Creek Pass
Top of Horse Creek Pass

Neo Air XTherm with Zpacks 10 degree bag wide width with added draft tube

Confession: I get cold at night when I backpack, but I have been stubborn and did not want to add more weight to make the nights comfortable. Well I caved and I am the happiest camper ever. I traded my pad for the Neo Air XTherm, a 4 season sleeping pad and a new Zpacks 10 degree wide sleeping bag with an added draft tube. The combo is very cozy, warm, and so comfortable. I now go to bed not dreading that it might get cold, but look forward to it. If you are a cold sleeper and hike in colder climates this might be a system to check out.

I know Why Not and Wired are most likely getting sick of hearing about how much I love my sleeping system each night.  A testimony.
Think Outside (33)

Think Outside (32)


  1. Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

    Thank you Gary! and thank you for commenting. You are very kind.

  2. Sheelister

    Have enjoyed your posts and “my vicarious” trip with you all. Thanks for the gear notes and the grins!

  3. So glad you got your sleep system worked out and the new gear was a success! Since the wide worked for you, I’ll consider for my replacement . . . SOMEDAY!

    And, ohhhhh the dancing orange on that first photo . . . LOVE!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      I love the wide! The draft tube does get stuck a bit when zipping it up, but I love having it there. So so cozy.

  4. That lead in photo is lovely. The flowers are beautiful too. So awesome.

    I guess you bought a longer bag so you can tuck your head in to?

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Yes I did. The longer length allows you to tuck the bag around your neck and ears.

  5. Are those “Ladies of the JMT” gaters I see on Why Not (I think). Love watching you awesome ladies. Thanks for sharing

  6. My problem is that I’m a side sleeper who regularly draws a knee up – mummy bags don’t work for me. Hard to find a cold solution in a rectangle bag. 🙁

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      That is hard. A rectangle bag is heavier and colder.

      • Western Mountaineering Terralite. Biiiiiig mummy bag for us twist and turn claustrophobics. Room for a lite down jacket too. Enjoyed your SHR blog Mrs. Rockin.

  7. Finding a warm sleeping solution…. priceless. I made that mistake once on Nineteen Mile Brook Trail in the Whites Pinkham Notch(NH) Never again.

    Great captures! You are whiz with that camera. The flora are lovely.

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