Day 18 SHR – A GPS Day

“I have never been on a hike before where every day I feel like stopping early.”
-Why Not
“Who would want to leave this to go to Tuolumne?”

July 8 
Tarn below Lake Catherine to Blue Lake  – 6.1 well-earned miles

Twin Island Lakes * Bench Canyon

Not a single pass crossing today. 


The route today is known to be tricky with lots of class 3 climbing opportunities and a deep lake ford. My goal was to not lead these ladies into an uncomfortable situation. In a few places I didn’t feel great where we were so we all 3 used Gaia GPS on our phones. I didn’t feel guilty, but I do have to admit it took some of the fun out of the day’s hike.

We hit our goal of the day, Blue Lake right after 4:30 and all of agreed not to push further. This place is just too good to pass up. 

I am sitting in my tent in one of the most perfect pitches ever. Wired said it would be THE PERFECT ONE if she had cell service! 

Western White Pine

Twin Lakes Lake Ford
Twin Lakes Lake Ford

Blue Lake Campsite
Zpacks Solplex at Sunset

Bamboo Spoon
Today’s gear is a spoon, but no ordinary spoon. It is a bamboo spoon. For those of you that hate metal in your mouth, this just might be for you. For some reason my metal spork was cutting my upper lip. I tried this spoon available at Gossamer Gear and I love it. The handle is long for dipping into quart size bags, it is strong, easy to clean, and lightweight. 


  1. Beautiful!! And thanks for the spoon info – I barely tolerate my titanium and glad to have an alternative that’s not plastic.

  2. Blue Lake and blue tents. Pretty awesome. WhyNot said she had and amazing view and on her blog it sure looked like it! You’ve barely mentioned GPS, so it sounds like you all are getting very comfortable without it. Mad Travelin’ Skills.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      We all tried as hard as possible to not use the GPS unless we had safety concerns.

      It was a new and a freeing experience! If you have good maps, I recommend giving it a go.

  3. BeeKeeper

    So so so glad you have a camera again. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Incredible!

  4. Lucy Grittman

    Beautiful scenery even tho you had some rough going to get to the “perfect” camping spot. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  5. Wonderful view of Blue Lake and great sunset picture! Thanks!

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