Day 12 SHR – Crusin’ and a Room with a View

Next came the cheery fire; and then, after a bath in the icy steam, I was prepared to enjoy the situation to the full, basking in the sun and studying the view down the canon; for, softened as it was into a sort of mountain dreamland – a vision of the Delectable Mountains – in the warm haze of the afternoon sunshine, it was as grand and as beautiful a scene as every my eyes beheld.
~Bolton Coit Brown, from the May 1896 issue of the Sierra Club Bulletin

July 2
Italy Lake to below Bighorn Pass
12.5 miles

Gabbot Pass * Mills Creek Canyon * Second Recess * Laurel Lake

Every night we have had the most idyllic campsites with beautiful lighting and scenery of any trip, I will repeat… any trip I have had.

Tonight is no exception. My little tent is perched with a 360 degree amazing view. We even have a small waterfall close by careening from a small tarn.

Until today, pretty much there were multiple times something perilous could happen to any of us from: falling down exposed ledges, large loose granite boulders trapping us, sliding down steep snow fields, and snow trapping our bodies breaking through snow.

Our day was spent hiking, talking, and relaxing. The terrain was forgiving, gentle, and beautiful. I feel full and thankful just thinking of all the scary stuff we have been through together.


  1. BeeKeeper

    The 3 musketeers!

  2. letshike2

    Very nice post. Happy Trails!

  3. Beautiful terrain in your photos. Glad you feel so full after all the challenging terrain you’ve covered. Hopefully your traveling companions are so blessed. You rock!

  4. Curious about the Recesses. Always contemplated a trip up there.

  5. What an amazing trip.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures.

  6. Awesome. I’m looking forward to some views of my own as I just arrived to Yosemite Park for my first time here ever.

  7. Absolutely beautiful photographs, You did a fantastic job depicting your journey.

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