Day 11 SHR – Snow and Safe

I am comfortable with this.

July 1
Elba Lake to Lake Italy
11.6 miles

French Canyon * Marion Lake * Feather Pass * Bear Lakes Basin * White Bear Pass

It is amazing how snow can change everything. Sometimes it makes walking easier, sometimes it is a death trap, sometimes it forces the hiker to climb challenging boulders, sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it is soft and fluffy. Hiking early season in the Sierras is a unique and a beautiful experience.

We traveled up and over yonder today. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Descending to French Canyon
Why Not crossing Piute Creek
Meadows on the way up to Merriam Lake
Taking a break at Merriam Lake
Merriam Lake
Merriam Lake
La Salle Lake
Top of Feather Pass
Top of Feather Pass
Climbing Feather Pass
Descending Feather Pass
Bearpaw Lake
Seven Gables Peak and Big Bear Lake
Black Bear Lake
White Bear Lake and White Bear Pass at the right
White Bear Lake
Snow travel up to White Bear Pass – Why Not
View north from White Bear Pass
Top of White Bear Lake
Descending White Bear Pass
Over the edge
Looking back at White Bear Pass
Ascending to Lake Italy
Outlet of Lake Italy – Why Not

Wired – Lake Italy
Sunset - Lake Italy
Sunset – Lake Italy


  1. Deebie Brown

    So incredibly beautiful and challenging. Thanks for years of vicarious adventures…tho sometimes Ive been off on my own (less challenging) journeys and other times very envious, im finding that despite my major bummer of being grounded this summer w fractured ankle, I can totally be captivated by your Sierra highs and lows without wanting to do it myself. And feeling good memory hits of what it feels like up there. Be safe and thanks for inspiration.
    Oh, how are you all replenishing supplies?

  2. The sunset photo is awesome. -Somebody forgot to jump in one the photos!

  3. The clouds over Black Bear Lake…wow! Glad the camera’s back! Nice quote today too. 😉

  4. Thanks for the escape from the desk. Inspiring journey and nice photos. I’ll be in your footsteps in seven more days.

  5. Wonderful pictures! Makes me feel I’m standing next to you while you took it. Happy that you were able to continue this trek and looking forward to more.

  6. Jeff Mann

    incredible photos, thanks for breaking up my mundane work week, this hike is now on my bucket list of trails

  7. The photos are breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing. Its such a beautiful area.

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