Day 6 & 7 SHR – Taking Care of Business

“I’m so mean, I made medicine sick.”~Muhammad Ali

June 26
Lower Barrett Lake to South Lake – 10.2 miles

Palisade Basin * Knapsack Pass * Dusy Basin * South Lake Trail Head

Today we headed out to South Lake Trail Head to resupply and got a nice ride in a black race type car by a nice man to Bishop. 

My ears, sinuses, and chest hurt. Everything else is strong. 
Before we go back in for the next 7 day leg the responsible thing to do is see a doctor. 

I am renting a car tomorrow, drive home to Tehachapi, go to urgent care, see my husband, and pick up a camera that works. It is a very good plan. 

June 27
Zero Day – Drive home to Tehachapi

After a peaceful drive home and a quick visit to urgent care that included 1 antibiotic shot, 1 steroid shot, and 3 prescriptions I am ready to get well and head back to Bishop tomorrow. 


  1. Succinct and totally informative post. I hope all the shots are gonna set you right. And hope your camera works; missing the photographic side or your creativity!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Lucky I had 2 LX7s. I picked up the one that works and I am good to go.

      I so missed taking photos.

  2. Great quote, and appropriate! Glad to see your “cutman” has you healthy and back for the next round! 🙂

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Love your comments. Yep we are now heading for the 3rd round. This route will eat you up and your equipment.

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