Day 5 SHR – 5.2 Miles in 12 Hours

You Hate climbing because it’s hard for you. You should climb because it’s hard for

June 25
Upper Palisade Lake to Lower Barrett Lake

Cirque Pass * Knapsack Pass * Palisade Basin

Camera still broken. 🙁

Snow made routes that should be straight forward really really difficult. Today was all of that and more. 

Knapsack Pass was particularly dangerous with class 3 and 4 climbing, lots of exposure, and loose rock. It was way over the difficulty that the High Route should be due to early season hiking. 

I was nervous and freaked out many times for my hiking friends. 


  1. Rockin’: I hope you are on the mends and continuing your journey northward. I’ve decided to stay in Mammoth until July 6 or 7 so please let me know if I can help with resupply, rides or a round at Mammoth Brewing. Please email me when you arrive.

  2. The analogy was quite fitting, in the best sort of way of course. Thank you to the kind gentlemen who provided help.

    Be safe and well Rockin’, we need you to be!

  3. I hope your URI improved with the antibiotics.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Sinus, respiratory, and ear infections all gone thanks to the shots and drugs. I feel great. Glad to have you along on our route through the Sierras.

  4. Loki/Brian

    All I will say is continue to be safe !!
    Your illness and altitude will slow down your reaction time.
    On the lite side wired posted a photo of you and the gentleman who picked you up at bishop. It looked like beauty and the beast.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      You are so right. I knew I had no business going back in without getting some medications from a doctor.

      The man was very muscular!

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