Hayduke – Drive, Drive, Shuttle, Yaaaaay

Paul with Redrock Express, Bubs, and Drop n' Roll at Needles Outpost
Paul with Redrock Express, Bubs, and Drop n’ Roll at Needles Outpost

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

March 18-19

0 hiking miles – 16 hours driving time

It is always interesting to reflect back on all that it takes to make a trip actually happen. If I just talked about how beautiful it is and show myself magically appearing walking in some gorgeous place that would be deceiving. The list of to dos to prepare and plan really goes on and on. Here are just a few vital before trip tasks: travel arrangements, map gathering, route planning, GPS loading, gear selection, making food resupply boxes, do all chores you would normally do while you are hiking, job over prep just in case something goes amiss, endless communication, and on top of all that, you need to prepare your body physically for the upcoming rigors of the trip.

I guess I just want to encourage everyone to push through, plan, dream, and make it happen. After all the little details come together and you look down at your two feet hiking that dream trip, it is so worth it.

Tagging in on Drop n’ Roll and Bubbles’ dream trip is super fortunate. The timing is perfectly in line with my spring break. They have spent countless hours planning every little detail.

My journey began yesterday with 8 hours driving. Three of those hours were in bumper to bumper traffic. This morning I drove 3 hours to meet Paul, the owner of Redrock Express. He shuttled me 5 hours from the end destination of our trip, Capitol Reef National Park to Canyonlands National Park to meet Drop n’ Roll and Bubs. It is a long way.

Paul was super professional and very knowledgable and willing to share all kinds of fun details and facts about the surrounding area as we drove. If you ever need a shuttle service in the southwest, I recommend checking out Redrock Express.

After much hugging and loud laughter and cheers our trio is settling into trail life quickly, talking gear, miles, water, food, and just laughing loudly. This is why I came.

Sunset at Needles Outpost


Campsite at Needles Outpost



  1. Hi there Rockin!
    Could you elaborate or give me a link on what sort of fitness planning you normally do in advance of your hiking trips? Thanks!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Great question. Every year it is different, but the one thing I do stick to is not ever getting way out of shape. I try to hike (with a pack), bike, walk, do basic sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and flexibility exercises year round. To get ready for longer backpacking trips, I do quite a few day hikes with a fully loaded pack.

  2. Good to see you out on the trail again. Looking forward to this (vicariously, of course).

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Hello Janet! This one is definitely challenging and very diverse. Always glad to have you along. 🙂

  3. I have a buddy who likes to monitor our miles driving to miles hiking ratio. We should change to time instead of distance. Haven’t had the experience of driving in heavy traffic to a destination. Needles Outpost looks well worth the drive time!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      The heavy traffic was from Barstow, CA all the way through Las Vegas!!!! Apparently, people are flocking to vacation in sin city. :0

      Not me!

  4. Yaaayyyyy!!!!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      And the blogging begins!!!!

      The timing on this worked perfectly. Crazy.

      You are the planner that plans.

  5. Lots of work to get ready, but in the end, it is so worth it. I couldn’t agree more. I hope the hikers’ three have a great time. Be safe out there.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Great to have you on board. Safety is an issue on this trail for sure.

      Hope your latest trip was fun and successful. I know you are very experienced with what it takes to make a successful trip come together.

      • I appreciate the comments. But you put most of us to shame! In a good way of course. I started doing this long ago, took a very long break and been back 6-7 years. But I usually go just once a year.

        My latest trip you make reference to was in Texas and done from the comfort of my buddy’s country home; hiking, biking, and kayaking. It was very fun and revived my soul. Thanks for asking. -this years backpacking will be in Lyell Canyon Yosemite NP. Can’t wait.

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