July 30 PCT – Oh Canada

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

— Mae West

Glacier Pass to PCT Camp – 23.7 miles

Excitement and emotion filled the air today. It is the day.

Temps heated up early and we made most of the elevation gains and passes by mid-morning. The views and open passes were stellar.

Rainy Pass north to the border is famous for being treacherous in snow for early season southbounders or early snow storms for northbounders in September. I thought of this while crossing very steep ridges. I wouldn’t want to cross this area in snow ever.

Both Breakfast Chicken and Dan took a dip in Hopkins Lake at lunch. It was pretty incredible, except for the evil biting flies. I do not like them.

Today Stealthy and I were a bit off, stumbling and low on energy. Both of us are down to much of nothing to eat again. Here it is the last day and our bodies are not cooperating. Stupid.

As we neared the Canadian border, a 1 mile rock marker met us in the trail. Ah the anticipation.

As we rounded to the monument at about 3:00 pm, I felt such love and support surrounding me. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect completion….except biting vicious evil flies were swarming the monument! We quickly took photos with my small tripod and hurried off.

Hikers after reaching the completion, must hike an additional 8 miles to Manning Park, the nearest road and resort. Stealthy and I both felt that our journey was not over until it was all done.

The Canadian trail quickly deteriorated with fallen logs and overgrown vegetation. All at once Dan remembered in all the hurry because of the flies that we forgot to sign the register at the border! Great guy that he is, he ran back in the heat to sign us all in. Apparently, this is not an easy task! He said that the actual monument cover he had to remove to get to the book weighed like 150 pounds!

We are camped at the PCT campground 4.9 miles from Manning Park. Everyone is in good humor, well-fed, and very reflective. Breakfast Chicken continues to ask challenging questions and led the nightly “What I am thankful for” group talk.

I am thankful for ending the trail pain-free, good friends and family, breakfast that will be at Pinewoods Restaurant at the resort, and no biting flies in camp tonight!

To Manning in the morning.



  1. The 3rd Monty

    So glad you guys made it! When you didn’t post for so long, we were starting to get worried! In 2010, when we did the PCT for the second time, a trail angel in Skykomish warned us that the trail from the monument to Manning Park “is an obstacle course, not a trail.” They were right, and sounds like it hasn’t changed much since. So glad you made it on through to the finish!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Very accurate description, “obstacle course”. We had 10 days without service, so no posting. I had no idea. Somehow I missed that information in my research. Thank you for following along.

  2. Wow, well done and congratulations. Thanks for writing a great blog that gives all of us who can’t get out there a little taste of what trail life is really like.

  3. louisfbrooks

    Congrats on finishing the PCT. CDT next?

  4. Denise Spruce

    Well said Warren! So happy to have been along for the virtual hike and I want you to know that you have opened the door to my dream. I’m going to hike Point Reyes (local for me) this year and then next year I want to hike the Pacific Rim Trail. Follow up with John Muir Trail and then the PCT!! Thank you for inspiring me and leading by example. Happy trails….maybe I’ll get to see you sometime on a hike.

  5. WELL DONE !
    Proud for you…


  6. I completely agree with Warren. Rejoicing with you all!

  7. Congratulations on an awesome effort and sharing it with us with your amazing photography. How perfect to have your family with you to share the last miles. Where to next for my breakfast reading?

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Sharing with my readers, family, and friends made the accomplishment a shared event. It was not me who completed the trail it was everyone. Love that I added to your breakfast reading. It is going to be fun planning my next steps.

  8. The Rosander’s are a truly awesome hiking bunch, but none more so than Christie Rockin’ Rosander. Congratulations on the completion of your PCT goal!! Such a monumental dream and yet you’ve accomplished so much more along the way. I am fully inspired by the hard work and greatness that has become so well known as Rockin’. And you are truly that, giving true life to your trail name. Stealthy, you are well on your way and hopefully someday to follow your mom in completing the PCT as well; I can’t even begin to know how much that made her feel to have you along. Breakfast Chicken, congrats on the trail name and doing some hard but hopefully rewarding miles. And Dan, you are the man, literally getting it all done and supporting Rockin’ in all of her pursuites. The family that hikes together, well, they have the most fun. Rockin’, again, congrats on your completion of the PCT. Go!Rockin’!Go!

  9. I ditto what Georgette said! Awesome congrats coming your way! Glad the shoes are working out for you!

  10. Georgette Theotig

    Congratulations to you, Rockin’! Your long PCT journey has come to an end. I have so enjoyed following you on the trail from Mexico to Canada, and I am actually sad the hike is over. However, I send best wishes for a really awesome celebration when you get to the resort! Job well done!!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Ahhhh….sad that is one of the emotions I felt also. It has been one long process. I think that is why it was so special. Dreaming and planning year after school year for the trail. Thank you so much for your heartfelt works and following along. Happy trails to you!

  11. Congratulations.

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