July 27 PCT – Bee Stings, Blisters, and Skyward Magic

“Ya can’t go hiking around with open blisters.” – Rockin’

High Bridge to Rainy Pass – 19.49 miles

Awesome start from Stehekin with breakfast at the resort and bakery, shuttle ride to High Bridge, and a day of hiking uphill.

Shortly into the day both Trent and Stealthy were bit by a bee. Welts and pain quickly ensued. Lavender essential oil to the rescue. Also, Stealthy and Trent both have blisters, painful ones.

Skyward and her husband Dave met us at Rainy Pass with resupply and baked treats. It was so fun seeing both of them. Thank you Skyward and Dave for your important part in helping us along our journey.



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  1. That Trent is quite the ultralighter with outfitting by the Rosander Gear Garage! -Blisters are a bummer. Several in my crew had them last week on our trip in the Emigrant/Yosemite boundary area. Thank God I did not.

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