July 25 PCT – Transformation

Learn the rules, so you can break them properly. –The Dalai Lama

Vista Creek to Swamp Creek – 28.5 miles

It is interesting to note the change, the transformation that evolves in the hiker’s body, mind, and spiritual state as miles melt away. Somehow the feet anticipate where rocks and roots are naturally. No more fighting the Earth below. Suddenly it feels funny and odd when a backpack is not on the back, like something is missing. Getting ready in the morning and evening falls into routine and happens quickly. Hours can go by and you have no idea what memorable thought you have had, except glimpses and change in landscape, trail, temperature, and elevation. Managing water and food becomes less of a panic. You find you can actually hike without great consequence, 10 waterless miles with very little water. But I think most of all, you find that just when you think you can’t do anymore or stand anymore, something inside takes over and you find that strength to take that next step. It is the very essence of the human spirit

Rain pelted the tent most of the night.

I love our tent. It is roomy, very lightweight, easy to pitch, super waterproof, and does not absorb water.

Rain was still pouring when the alarm went off. We got everything packed and ate breakfast while still in the tent, then made a dash. With packs and umbrellas on, we both folded up the wet tent and stuffed it in my pack back pocket and we were off.

The trail today for the most part had quite a bit of maintenance. It was heaven.

Rain stopped around lunch time, perfect to get everything dryed out.

It is raining once again as I write this in my tent.  Tomorrow, the goal is to make a mad dash of 8.5 miles to make the 9:15 shuttle into Stehekin. This section has been tough and between the two of us we have 2 bars, 4 via coffees, a coconut oil packet, and misc. condiments left. That is it. Much too close.

The famous bakery and food we will be eating in Stehekin was the main topic of conversation, pretty much all day.



  1. Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

    Means a lot coming from you. Thank you for your kindness and support.

  2. Love the intro.


  3. “Learn the rules, so you can break them properly. –The Dalai Lama” -You just gotta love this quote. And I think that your opening paragraph is something else. It so neatly encapsulates everything we love about, and hope for, while on the trail. God’s blessings are many!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Thank you Warren. Hiking is just one way to get to that point physically, spiritually, and mentally. I think it is the key to staying young, healthy, and getting through the bad stuff life can present.

  4. Nice post, thanks

  5. steve scarano

    Christie, you have entered a new trail with this post: you are no long “just” walking. Thanks for this great journal entry!
    Hamburger Helper

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