July 21 PCT – Teamwork Nero

“A woman is as young as her knees.” –  Mary Quant

Stevens Pass to Lake Janus – 9.37 miles

All this in 1 day:

Eating 1st and 2nd breakfast at the motel while wearing rain coats and a bath towel. Yes, doing laundry.  No one even questioned.

Figured out logistics of next hiking section.

Bought shoes and socks at the marvelous Mountain Sports Outfitter across the street. Borrowed 2 of their bikes to run errands in town.

Bought knee braces at pharmacy.

Mailed misc. items back home at the post office.

Shopped for fresh food at grocery store. Ate most of it on the spot.

3:00 pm started hitch hiking at edge of town and were picked up in just a few minutes by 2 gorgeous teachers on holiday. They picked us up because we looked fun and outdoorsy.

4:00 pm hiked in 9.37 miles to a lovely little lake for the night.

Wow, one productive day. Here’s to new knee braces and shoes.



  1. “They picked us up because we looked fun and outdoorsy.” I gotta say you two fit the bill; how funny!!!! The photo of you and Stealthy eating is great. You can really see Grant in her smile. And I love the fact you both look so happy. The family that hikes together…….. Glad your feet are better in new shoes as well.

  2. Great to read your post !!
    Here’s to a fantastic nero day !!

  3. Cutest hitchhiker ever! As I read your latest post I am reminded of the time I did laundry in a Mohave, CA, laundromat (1975). Put every shred of clothes in the washer and wore nothing but a poncho which worked until someone came through the front door and a big gust displayed all for an entire desert community to see. At that point, all I wanted was to finish laundry and get a beer, so no harm done. You guys are great. Keep on truckin’!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      It is really shocking what hikers will or won’t wrap around private parts to clean every bit of clothing before heading out of a resupply. Hiker trash rules.

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