July 20 PCT – Stevens Magic and Leavenworth

Ya can’t go to sleep with your feet hurting.    ~Rockin’

2442.2  to Steven Pass – 19.8 miles

-early start at 6:00 am to beat heat

-gorgeous morning light

-up up up down down up down

-made reservation at Fairbridge Inn in Leavenworth (they had laundry)

-came into Stevens Pass with a boy howdy welcome. Picked up resupply, raided the vending machines, and hitched a nice ride with the company shuttle van 30 miles to Leavenworth. Trail magic!!!! And great timing. Thank you Brian!


-brauts, beer, ice cream, and music at the Munchen Haus

-nice soft bed

-best news ever…. Dan, my husband and Trent, best family friend ever are meeting us in Stehekin to finish the hike to Manning Park.

  • 🙂



  1. just checking in. Hope all is well with your journey and family .

  2. Jonathan Greenberg

    Hope you guys are OK. You haven’t posted in a while. Been enjoying your posts and hiking the trail vicariously through you.

  3. hikingtwins

    Love the pictures.It has all the emotions of a hiker which non-hikers cannot read.

  4. Beer and pretzels. How much gluten did you eat? (ALL OF IT!) So excited for you guys to have a big family finish!

  5. Have been following you even though we have been away making our own memories. Your pictures are stunning. So glad Dan and Trent will be there. I know this is something Dan really wanted to share with you. The end is in sight. Hang in there, praying for you both.

  6. I’m re-hiking Washington through you, and in much nicer weather! So glad to hear Dan will finish the trail with you!!!!

  7. Love the beer and brat stop! I spent many years in Germany, and the photos make the place look pretty authentic : ) BTW, the pictures from the day’s hike are especially stunning too. So glad to hear that Dan will be finishing the trail with you and your daughter; it will definitely make for an epic completion! Now to just get the knee and foot pain taken care of; I’ll be praying for you.

  8. So cool that Dan will be there for you. I truly hope your feet stop hurting. And keep on Rockin’!

  9. Fantastic news…what a magnificent way to commemorate your completion of the PCT !!

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