July 19 PCT – Sweat and More Sweat

Dude, your wife is hot, buy her a cold drink.   -Compliments of Shell Gas Station in Tehachapii

Mile 2420 to mile 2442.2 – 22.2 miles

This was a very HOT (upper 90’s), successful, and beautiful day with huge straight ups and downs. The North Cascades do not mess around!

Stealthy’s knees are hurting and my feet are still a problem. We have been stretching, soaking, and taking way too many ibuprofen.

We have decided to go out to the town of Leavenworth, 30 miles from Steven’s Pass to hopefully get a knee brace and new shoes. It is a small German town and we are more than excited for a town day!!!




  1. Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

    You are so right, a rubber boa.

  2. Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

    You are so right. A rubber boa.

  3. John Donaldson

    Shape of snake suggests a Rubber Boa, similar to a Rosy Boa. Very gentle snake. Thinking of you both!

  4. Interesting snake.

  5. The 3rd Monty

    Yeah, the North Cascade beyond awesome, but man, they are rough on feet. Ow. Ours were sore, too, finishing up the PCT.We met a sectionhiker up there who was with his two dogs, and the minute he stopped to talk to us, the dogs literally got into a nearby creek and were lying there soaking their paws. Glad you get a chance to soak yours, too!

  6. Maggie aka: Big Granny

    Two awesome ladies doing an awesome hike! So glad you are letting us tag along with you! Sorry we aren’t getting sore knees and feet with you both but our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope they get better soon. Love the pic with the waterfalls and Mtns. Ever thought of selling copies of your pics? Let us know, you have a gift of capturing Gods beauty.

  7. That is some ruggedly beautiful country. I hope the town day is successful and you get the rest you need for your legs and feet.

  8. Try light weight boots with a separate insole. it may slow you down a tad but give your feet the support they need. I’m 67 and have been hiking with them since hitting the San Juans.
    Your photos are dynamic…enjoy

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Loki, Great advice. In Leavenworth both Bryn and I bought new stiffer trail runners and I added a custom insole.

  9. mhandy2014

    Great photos! I think the snake is a rubber boa. Not too common to see.

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