July 16 PCT – Snoqualmie Aardvark 

 We should eat all our food so we shan’t have to carry it. –Winnie the Pooh

Mile 2365 to Snoqualmie Pass – 25.9 miles

There are always risks camping on an exposed ridge, namely wind. We knew and took it anyway. Not very smart. Last night, light misty rain and gusty winds prevailed. Waking to thick fog the sunrise would be saved for another day.

Washington is so very different than California. I am horrible at reading signs of weather.

We cruised on many straight ups and downs through old logged forests. The goal for the day was to get to Snoqualmie Pass by 6:00 and first off eat at the very famous Ardvark, a trailer at the Chevron Station. We made it with 10 minutes to spare.

A couple minutes later we met 2 northbound thru-hikers that have come all the way from Mexico. They are doing crazy 40 mile days.

The Ardvark did not disappoint with delicious and healthy food. We are so going back for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

The Summit Inn has everything a hiker needs: laundry, hot tub, computer, wifi, and soft beds.

Plan tomorrow: sleep in, take another shower, eat, clean, and hike a few miles straight up 3,000 feet in the afternoon.

What more is there?

Would be sunrise





Mirror Lake


View toward Snoqualmie Pass



  1. Jonathan Greenberg

    I look forward to your posts and have been following them for a couple of years.. Can’t wait for you photos of the Kendall Catwalk. I went to college in Washington in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Was so focused on rock climbing back then that I missed out on quite a bit of hiking and never made it to the PCT. Most of my hiking in WA has been more recent (I live in NJ), but its its an expensive undertaking so I’ve been experiencing it vicariously through you. Thank You!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Jonathan, Washington is a special place, but I’ll bet New Jersey has pretty fine places to explore. Glad you are along for the ride.

  2. Beautiful area there.

  3. Great quote. Your “sunrise” reminds me of mine at McGuyver’s Spring! 🙂


  4. Love the photo of Mirror Lake. Crazy beautiful. You two are doing long miles. I bet the meal in town tasted so good!

  5. Awesome shot of the frog / toad. Such a shame about the foggy sunrise.

  6. darlene scott

    I am loving following you and Stealth! I leave Cascade Locks on July 24 and your journal is helping with my prep and excitement!
    Poco Loco

  7. Beautiful country great photos

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