July 13 PCT – Trading Pains, Lots of Walking

“In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs.” –   Ralph Waldo Emerson

White Pass to Dewey Lake (Rainer National Park) – 25.5 miles

Funny how the body molds and changes.
Wounds, rubs, aches, and shooting pains disappear only to be traded with other maladies in other places. I guess anything worth doing requires some discomfort and pain. The standard thru-hiker answer is, “Just push through it.”

Today we entered Rainier National Park. I was a bit bummed that cloud cover along with some rain and thick forest prevented quite a few views.

We had heard that Dewey Lake was beautiful, so it became the goal for the day.

It is cold tonight and the air is damp. Such huge swings in weather in just a week.



  1. I’m enjoying your WA hike… seems like a dream when I did it in 2010, and so much I don’t remember.. due, perhaps to poor weather and views. Seems like I just sort of gritted my teeth and pushed through. Glad you are taking time to enjoy it!!

  2. So nice to see so much water and greenery. Just Beautiful photos. What are the temps like?

  3. I love the contrast that the clouds bring. -Hope you feel better soon. 25 miles is a long day.

  4. Clouds, yes — but visually no less glorious!

  5. Beautiful photos..hope you start to feel better.
    If it is not your feet check for ticks they can make one feel flu like or worse.
    Good luck

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