July 12 – Mount Rainier and White Pass Nero

Mount Rainier

I am up for anything as long as I have a break. ~Ella, my grand daughter

Mile 2280.8 to White Pass – 11.5 miles

Early morning we climbed and climbed, rounded a small pass and beheld the sight of Mount Rainier jetting out of the clouds. Startling. 

Years ago, I climbed this mountain with the Rainier Mountain Institute. Fun to think back and remember.

It was a 10 by 10 again for Stealth.

As I entered the road that led us to our next resupply, White Pass, there she was with a smile on her face soaking her feet in the stream, waiting for me. 

We spent most of the day at the Kracker Barrel Store at White Pass talking to other hikers, eating, doing laundry, and just hanging out. It was very nice. 

Tonight we are showered and staying at the White Pass Village Inn Condos ready to hit the next leg north of our journey.


Goat Rocks Wildflowers
First Sight of Mount Rainer
Love This One
Stealth Reorganizing Hiker Boxes at Kracker Barrel Store
Something Wrong Here – Gluten Free Beer with Full On Regular Pizza


  1. letshike2

    It is awesome to follow along as you finish this great accomplishment called the PCT! It has been a great enjoyment learning from your posts and meeting your family as you adventure together. And now the pic of Stealth organizing the hiker boxes…she is obviously all grownup but still looks like a baby in that picture, cherish that one. Thank you for sharing and happy trails!

  2. I love following you and your daughter on your journey, I tell everyone at work about your adventures they love it. Two friends and I and my dog are doing Pass to Pass at the end of July and I was wondering if you could clue us in on the water issue between White Pass and Snow lake? I have been following trip reports that say the small lakes are starting to dry up these are from 3 weeks ago so your input would be great if you have a chance. Thanks and happy travels. Paula.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      Paula, I would assume the lakes remained low and warm, but not empty. I hope your trip went well. The fires ended up being the main source of danger and concern. Washington was hit very hard this summer.

  3. More stunning photos, classic PCT marker, Pizza! So much goodness.

  4. That first photo is extra awesome! Glad to hear that Stealth is doing so well. And really glad to hear you are taking your time (somehow) and having a good time along the way.

  5. The flowers, oh the flowers!

  6. Gluten free beer is an oxymoron 😉

  7. I love the Rainier pic. Reminds me of my REI summit climb 31 years ago. Keep on truckin’!

  8. Old PCT signs are special, aren’t they? Sometimes a little harder to find than a white blaze on the AT, but they say something a little more personal … or something … My son/d-in-law were in Goat Rocks week before last and saw some goats. Have you seen any yet?

  9. Love the quote, sounds like my daughter Ella. Also, if you add some pineapple to that pizza it’d be perfect. My favorite way to order it. (Dipped in ranch of course) -GoalTech

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