July 10 PCT – Go with the Flow


Mount Adams
Mount Adams


Pain is mandatory. Misery is optional.–Anon

Divide Trail Reroute to Goat Rocks Wilderness mile 2258.2

2 1/2 miles on Divide Trail plus 19 PCT miles = 21.5 miles

We gambled and decided to just go out to highway 23 and see if we could get a ride to the Mount Adams fire reroute. We didn’t even have a chance to put our thumbs out and a car pulled over and asked us if we needed a ride. Seriously. It was all perfect. The woman was working on a fire crew and was on her way up the mountain.

We were on trail by 9:00 am well fed, clean, and ready to go.

The fire has created a type of inversion and the weather is cool and rainy. Very different.

We saw our first PCT southbounders hiking from Canada. It was fun to talk to them and hear their stories.
Today we entered the wilderness I have so looked forward to, Goat Rocks. Tomorrow promises to be spectacular scenery!

For some reason both Stealth and I are sore and tired tonight.

Mount Adams
Mount Adams


Creek Crossing under Mount Adams

Goat Rocks Boundary
Goat Rocks Boundary


Twilight Trees




  1. I had to smile at your comment, for some reason we are sore and tired. 🙂 Looking forward to the Goat Rocks photos.

  2. Do you know that name of the creek that you crossed in those images?

  3. Jill Wilson

    Rockin’ and Stealth, Such a pleasure to share your hike and see where I trod not too long ago. I’m guessing you might be in White Pass about now. Can’t wait to see how you liked Cispus Pass and the Goat Rocks. Hope you are all recharged. Thank you for the great pics and your thoughts along the way. Jill Wilson

  4. Tired and sore and still, smiles on Stealth’s face! Hope the wind blows the smoke out of your views!

  5. Love the Goat Rocks W
    sore ..change of weather and the smoke from the fires ??

  6. Sure hope it clears up enough that you can see all the awesomeness at Goat Rocks and the Knife Edge!

  7. The Adams pics look familiar from a couple weeks ago. Glad you got to see parts of it up close. Good to be around the fire I’m sure!


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