July 6 PCT – Deep and Dark


“Make your feet your friend.” –  J.M. Barrie

July 6, 2015

Mile 2154 to Trout Creek (mile 2174)

20 miles

After a great night’s sleep, even though we didn’t actually use our sleeping bags…too warm, we headed out loaded with coffee and energy bars. 

Just a couple miles in, Bryn came walking on the trail toward me looking funny. She quietly and calmly said there were 2 bear cubs on the trail! How cool is that? Turns out mama bear was with them, thank goodness. We both made a lot of noise and all three scampered away. Brown and beautiful.

All day the terrain featured gentle ups and downs in thick forest. It felt like we were traveling through forbidden and cursed dark woods. 

It seems all the decisions we make are around water and where we can find it. So far all of the seasonal streams are lightly running and main streams are really low levels. Bryn has become the map person, checking out water sources, camping, and elevation. Halfmiles’s maps and iPhone app has been user friendly and very accurate. She has a great sense of the land and her surroundings. 

Our day ended with a dip in Trout Creek and rinsing out our sweat soaked clothes. Glorious. 

Early Morning Ridge
Early Morning Ridge
Checking out Maps before Diving into Pool
Deep and Dark
Deep and Dark
Lunch Spot
Lunch Spot
Trout Creek


  1. Oh, to have such straight, beautiful toes!

  2. Well, I hope all that “darkness” shades you from the hottest part of the sun. Hopefully the weather changes to the 70*s! Rock on Rockin’1 and 2!

  3. I love following your trip at the PCT. Thanks for sharing this great adventure. I sure hope to be so fortunate to travel to the US once and experience this myself.
    Have a great day and a good continuation !

  4. Bears already! Too cool.

  5. Jeff Wrinkle

    How many ounces does the foot/nail care kit weigh? 😉

  6. OK…let me get this straight. I’ve hiked hundreds of miles in these parts and have never seen a bear. You show up and see one on day 2??? 🙂

    Very cool…enjoy the hike!


    • Not only one, but three!!!!

      Upon further examination I believe those are the lone peak 2.0s. I hope your feet are way betta!!!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      It was hard to believe I know. They looked like fluffy giant teddy bears.

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