July 5 PCT Drive, Fly, Shuttle, Walk, Heat

Burbank Airport

Ya can’t just go walking around thirsty. -Rockin’

July 5
Bridge of the Gods to mile 2154

9.7 miles

Everything when like clockwork today. Even the predicted temp in Cascade Locks of 100 degrees was spot on. Here is the scoop:

-drive from Tehachapi to Burbank

-fly Alaska Airlines to Portland

-Blue Sky shuttle to Country Market in Cascade Locks, buy fuel, more bags of chips, salami, chocolate, and cheese.

-walk over the Bridge of the Gods in 100 degree heat, very spectacular

-hike away

I was not even on trail 4 miles until I had taken my first dip in Gillette Lake and busted out the umbrella. Hiking in the high 90’s is not my style. 

After a morning and early afternoon of transportation, we planned 4 miles. Well that didn’t happen. Extra time, heat, Water sources, and actual places you could camp dictated almost 10 miles. 
The forest is green, lush, and thick. Oh Washington. 


Checked Box with Sharp Objects
Entrance to the Bridge of the Gods

Columbia River
Hello Washington


  1. Smiles’a’miles! Love it. Hope you two have an awesome time even with the heat.

  2. An awesome adventure for Rockin’ and Rockin’ Jr. Look out Washington!

  3. Boy… you will be able to recognize that trait big family smile anywhere…:)
    Off to a great start…the weather will turn in your favor with so much positive energy flowing from the two of you!!
    look forward to your blogs and dynamic photos!!

  4. Hi Rockin’
    Thank you for your responses to some of my other questions on the JMT!
    Knowing how your feet did on the last trip 🙁 please let us know how you both like your new Altras!! Are they the Lone Peak 2.5s?
    Also I loved your food post for this trip! Could you send more specifics when you get a chance? I’m GF too!
    Have a great time…looking forward to reading all about it!

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      The Altras did not work for us, but many people swear by them, my husband included. We loved our food this trip. Believe it or not, bars were our favorite. First time ever. We especially loved Bonk Breakers.

  5. Congrats on a good looking start!

  6. So fitting that your daughter should join you on the final leg of the PCT! Wishes for joy and prayers for safety are yours. Looking forward to the excitement to come and the wonderful stories you’ll share.

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