Kid Microadventure


Sunrise after a night of cowboy camping under the stars
Sunrise after a night of cowboy camping under the stars

Inspired by Alastair Humphreys’s book, Microadventures, we spent 2 short days with our grandkids experiencing our home valley in a new and very memorable way.

Microadventure rules are simple: close to home, cheap, short, and yet very effective. A microadventure takes the spirit of a big adventure and squeezes it into a short time. Check out Alastair Humphreys’s site here for a ton of great ideas to get outside and have fun, MICROADVENTURES.

This first microadventure was a hit and a sure jumpstart for many to come. Let’s see – biking, survival skills, fishing…  Here is a quick video made on iMovie with a few highlights from the weekend:


  1. One day I want to be that kind of a fun gramma. Lucky you; lucky grandbabies. 🙂

  2. Cowboy camping…impressive. I know I wouldn’t have done that at their age. Not sure I still would at my age! 🙂


  3. Always nice to see kiddos enjoy nature. Can’t wait till my son and I are going for our first micro-adventure hiking trip (mid-july). He’ s so happy now he has his own backpack.
    Thanks for the inspiration, and I definetly should learn to use iMovie. 😉

    • David,
      Wishing you a trip full of good memories, gear that works, and lots of sweet snacks. 🙂 He is going to love it.
      That is next up for us, hopefully a short backpack with the kids in August. Happy trails!

  4. Pretty awesome, all of it. Especially the naptimes! What an awesome place so close to home.

  5. Awesome Adventure Rockin !!! Was the the Golf course with the Mulligans Restaurant ?? Great place to eat after a morning hike…

    • Of course we took them to eat at the Mulligans Room after golf! What a great reward after their first time putting and driving. I think they will be ready to play again soon. Especially after kid’s meals and soda. It was a big deal.

  6. Wonderful, Christy. All too often we are wrapped up in our own adventures and forget about lighting up wonder and adventure in the eyes of children.

    “” We who have watched the break of light and the burnished mist on the mountain shoulder,
    warm from our fold of frosted heath on the windy heart of an open plain;-
    we who have swum the whispering fall when the evening torrent runs brown and colder,
    pressed our shadow of naked feet on the hurried leaves of an autumn rain:-

    We who have cherished the lamp of life in boyish eyes and children’s laughter,
    held the jar to the press of love where the feet of the dawn danced ruddy and strong,
    we who have cleared the sun of dreams from the cloud of witness shadowing after,
    high on the courage of ancient hills, deep in the colour of woodland song:-“”

    From G W Young’s poem “Unto this”.

    We who have loved our adventures in the wilderness, on the mountains, should make the effort to light that lamp in childrens eyes and laughter – hand on the wonder of it all.

    I enjoy your blog and photos.

    • Barrie,
      Inspiring. I just love this. Thank you for sharing this meaningful poem. My favorite line, “We who have cherished the lamp of life in boyish eyes and children’s laughter.” Sometimes we forget, big time. A true testimony to stop, share and experience things differently. Have a great day.

  7. Precious grandchildren and awesome grandparents! What a fun and memorable micro adventure! Even at 53 it looks cool!

    • Well Susie I am much older than that so don’t let that stop you! Guess what? That was a super stretch for me to cowboy camp. I love my tent, but it was okay after we got rid of a few ants. I am open to trying it again.

  8. BEAUTIFUL micro adventure .It warms the heart
    Thank you for capturing and sharing a delightful
    momemt in time.
    Washington high temps and wildfires..yikes !

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