Day 2 LCT – Beach Bears


Following Bear Tracks – Lost Coast Trail


We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind.
-Dakota proverb

June 14, 2015
Miller Flat Campground to Jones Beach Campground 17.5 miles

BIG DAY! What I came for. Bear prints on the beach.

Walking in early morning fog, hopping rocks, and listening to the hum of our group’s chatter, I was happy. Well except my feet. New strategy: Try Dan’s shoes for the first part of the day.

A short bit after Miller Flat Campground, fresh bear tracks appeared coming straight down from the mountain strolling along the beach. It almost looked like the small bear was joining us for a hike.

The fog lifted as we finished the northern section of The Lost Coast Trail at Shelter Cove. My feet situation was not good. Turns out my feet are now bigger than Dan’s. Next strategy: Hike in crocs.

After thoroughly taking advantage of the facilities at the Shelter Cove trail head (flush toilet, garbage, and water), we headed up to tackle the 3 mile uphill (at least 2000 feet) very dangerous, narrow, hot, and busy asphalt road walk. This 3 mile road connects the northern and southern Lost Coast sections. It is not fun and a bit crazy to do. Not recommended.

However, on the very bright side, we were all very surprised that the road walk lead right to the Shelter Cove Store. All of us promptly, laid out wet gear on the porch, bought lunch and treats, then sat in the shade like we owned the place. True evidence, once a thru-hiker always a thru-hiker. I was full of happiness.

Shelter Cove Store is the perfect resupply option with a great choice of fresh organic and healthy food (and unhealthy food). After sitting around a bit, we all were concerned with the dangerous road walk ahead of us and were discussing ways out. After walking a bit, a small truck stopped by Dan and offered a ride. All I saw was Wired and Dan sprinting up the road throwing backpacks into the truck bed (I wish I had a video of the spectacle). One and one half miles later, we where hiking on trail under forest canopy.

The southern section travels primarily on inland trail emerging briefly with breathtaking views of the ocean. Wired was very happy and in her element walking on trail lined with lush green ferns and deep forest (just be ready to dodge a ton of poison oak). Tonight we have a sweet camp set-up with an ocean view.

Croc update: Walked in them for over 10 miles and was very happy.


Early Morning Fog


Early Morning Fog




The Group


Fresh Water Stream Flowing to the Beach


View from Beach


Fresh Bear Tracks




Black Sand Beach


Road Walk from Beach at Shelter Cove


Hitch in Back of Truck from Shelter Cove Store to top of the Hill


Inland Mountain Trail


Ocean View from Trail


Ocean View from Trail


Lush Forest








Cowboy Camping with an Ocean View
Cowboy Camping with an Ocean View
Sunset – Jones Beach Campground



  1. Gary Senula

    What kind of tents were you using? One photo has two tents, a blue one and a grey one. Thanks, Gary

  2. Funny that I took the exact same picture as your “lush forest” picture just 4 weeks ago! Great trail, I only did the southern portion, I’ll be back for the north…

  3. Really loved the Ocean view pics, awesome camp spot 😀

  4. Many awesome photos, but that “Lush Forest” photo is even awesomer’! -Do hope that you get your shoe/pain issue diagnosed quickly too and that the new shoes fix it.

    • Hello Warren, I have a foot appointment next week before leaving for the PCT in Washington. I am doing lots of stretching and tennis ball exercises and bought a size bigger shoe. Trying a new style out. Very scary stuff.

  5. Another awesome day. Do hope you have been able to sort your foot issues.

    • Helen,
      Boy howdy, it is a process to figure pain out. Right now I bought some new Altra Superiors in a size bigger. Who knows until you actually walk with a pack for a day if the shoes work. So stressful. Thank you for your concern.

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