Day 8 TRT – Magic and Mushrooms

Morel Mushroom

The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. –Robert Frost

Echo Lakes to Highway 89 – 17.9 miles

The folks at the Echo Summit Lodge are amazing. We were treated with a lovely, healthy, and delicious breakfast and lunch fixings for fresh sandwiches.

Thank you Cindy and John for the talent and love you put into each and every meal you prepare. Our stay was over the top. Thank you Freerange for making this all possible. You are the best. 

After a 10:15 start to our hiking day, we continued to see PCTers. Wired took everyone’s pic and wrote down a bit about them. 

In the afternoon, the TRT leaves the PCT. It was then that the fun began. 

As we hiked, Why Not was telling me all about mushroom harvesting, varieties, and how to find them. She is very passionate about this subject. 

As we hiked she would dig some variety up and name it and whether it was editable. Then she spotted the golden ticket of mushrooms, the Morel mushroom. She even used her fancy bug headnet to hold the treasures. 

Tomorrow we will be finishing the Tahoe Rim Trail at Heavenly Valley Ski area, then heading out to hike The Lost Coast Trail. 

I love this trail community. 

Breakfast Team
View from Lodge
Freerange, Cindy , and john
Why Not and Gourmet Breakfast
Cool Tree
Incoming Storm
Memories of the Continental Divide Trail
Why Not and Wired
Meiss Meadow
Proud Why Not with Mushrooms
Headnet for Gathering – Multi-use


  1. It’s a Cuben affair. You three just blew through this trail. Congrats.

  2. Hi Rockin’! Look at those mushrooms!! Did you eat them? I’ve have yet to find a morel yet…but I’m constantly on the look out for mushrooms as I hike through the forest. I teach at an outdoor science school and I love seeing my kids get super stoked about fungi when we run across them. They are quite the organisms! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and all the resources on your blog. It’s really fun to read and very inspiring. You have a great name too 🙂 Keep Rockin’ on!

    • YES, we ate them for breakfast this morning sautéed in garlic and onions. They were divine. It was great hiking with Why Not, she has researched and gone on mushroom hunting trip. She was like a little kid at Christmas when she found them! Thanks for your kind words.

      • Late to this part of your blog, but did you soak them overnight? That’s what I was taught when I moved north to Kentucky, that you have to soak them in lightly salted water and rinse well afterwards to get out the critters that like the nooks and crannies. Here, they lightly coat with cornmeal and fry in butter. Oh my goodness, they’re good!

  3. Barbara Chiodo

    Loved all the yours and Wired’s pics. Brought back memories of hiking the TRT in sections. You three are amazing. Enjoy your next adventure together! –Barb

  4. what a fantastic trip and with great trail companions…….two perfect worlds !
    Just busted into Wyoming ! Colorado was a nightmare of severe weather..but i loved the
    danger and chalenge ! Including one particular lightning strike that fried all my electronocs
    … on the trail and Great Fedx resuply 🙂

    • LOKI, Glad to hear you are safe. That CDT is a crazy place to be up high in storms and they happen daily. Wild…fried your electronics. I heard most have had to flip up to Wyoming. Wishing you safe travels and a great hike.

      • Think PCT 2011 with unbelievable storms
        it was both dramatic, nerve rattling and fantastic. I learned years ago not to use electronics when lightning is around. I had set up a solar charging station about 80 meters from me.
        A huge system was moving in when a leading edge lightning bolt fired, hit the boulder field
        and spread across it like some insane spider spinning its web. i was knocked down but unharmed. I only have 2 out my 9 lives left 🙂

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