Day 6 TRT – Twin Peaks and the PCT

Dirty Girls at the top of Twin Peaks
Dirty Girls at the top of Twin Peaks

The Pacific Crest Trail will ruin you in the best possible way. ~Carl Miller

Ward Creek to North of Tahoe/Yosemite Junction – 21.4 plus climb of Twin Peaks

Man oh man last night was electric. 
This morning we packed up our wet gear and headed out to climb Twin Peaks. The route up is right off the TRT and well worth the climb with a 360 degree stellar view from the top. 

Today the TRT merges with the PCT. All of us were excited to hopefully see some PCT hikers heading north. We ended up seeing 4 thrus and talking to them about their journeys and hiking the Sierras with the recent snow storms. 

In 2010, I hiked this section of the PCT solo. It was interesting and very entertaining to reflect back as I hiked today. 

Desolation Wilderness has quite a bit of messy forests and many downed trees, but we were able to find open campsites tonight. 

An amazing sunset was our grand award at the end of a very fine day. 

Morning Light

Climbing Twin Peaks
View from Top of Twin Peaks
View from Top of Twin Peaks
View from Top of Twin Peaks
Climbing Down
Mergingwith Pacific Crest Trail
Pacific Crest Trail
Pacific Crest Trail hikers
Pacific Crest Trail hikers
Desolation Wilderness
Old Man
Sunset from Campsite


  1. Did you bring your trail magic? 😉 -GoalTech

  2. the old man tree looks like Gandalf the wizard from LOTR.

  3. Awesome day! or as you said, a very fine day. Absolutely lovely photos.


  4. These are wonderful photos. Thank you for letting me “hike thru” with you.

  5. I agree, great photo. “Blue sky’s from now on.”

  6. The Desolation Wilderness photo near the end is worth becoming an acrylic or oil painting!

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