Day 5 TRT – What Would Swami Do?

 The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet

Tahoe City to Ward Creek – 9.7 miles
Tents up just in time for the clouds to open up, pour liquid sunshine, and let the thunder, wind, and lightening rip. It is unnerving and exhilarating. It will be one interesting night.

Very timely was our camp tonight. After realizing that immediate shelter was needed we quickly selected our campsites with my friend and mentor, Swami’s sage pitching advise in mind. 

I just love nero days (part town day, part hiking day). It is the best of both worlds.

Resupplying at Safeway was easier and less stressful than I had anticipated. Eating gluten, dairy, egg, nightshades, and soy free is not easy on trail. Safeway had a wonderful gluten free section and I was able to come away with plenty of delicious, healthy, and fresh food. 

The Tahoe Rim continues to pleasantly surprise me. It rocks.  

Lake Tahoe

Leaving Town
Wired Networking

Paige’s Meadow
Wired in Paige’s Meadow
Heading Up Before the Storm
Twin Peaks – climbing this tomorrow
Campsite after first burst of storm


  1. Fabulous read of your 1st 5 days. Impressive miles, views, trail and photography.
    The weather adds an interesting influence on your day. I would love to be out hiking in snow.

  2. Great colours, Rockin!

  3. Well, glad you all stayed fairly dry and got set up in time for the storm. I guess you pitched up and out of the lowest place and maybe under a tree to combat the rain Swami style?

  4. I love following along on your journeys – collecting lots of inspiration for a couple years from now when kids are old enough for me to get back out there. On that note I would love to read more about your on-trail food choices, what works, resupplying on trail, etc. My oldest is a celiac so I am trying to work out an on trail menu that will work for her.

    • Lissa, I would like to write a whole post on this, especially after having a very successful resupply from a grocery store. Look for it upcoming.

      • Wonderful – thank you! I look forward to reading it. Now if I just come up with a way to satisfy both my picky eaters at the same time with the same meal I’ll be golden 😉

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