Day 4 TRT – Cruisin’

My View Most of the Day
My View Most of the Day – Why Not and Wired a bit Ahead

Look at life as “I get to” not as “I have to”. ~George Bryant

Gray Lake Junction to Tahoe City – 30.3 miles plus .8 to town

High gusty winds came in with a vengeance during the night. It was a hilarious scene packing up this morning. One slip and gear would disappear somewhere into Lake Tahoe. 

Big contrast…  

After yesterday’s shenanigans in the snow where making some miles was a lot of work, to today with snow free easy trail. It was a dramatic swing. 

After hiking 10 miles this morning, we sat down for a break and realized if we hiked 22 more miles we could be in Tahoe City for dinner, shower, laundry, and a warm bed. I called it plan A. I am all about having different plans, plan A, plan B, and plan C. That way if one plan doesn’t work out I am never disappointed. It works. 

Plan A is was today. Moving, moving, and moving through beautiful forest. We arrived at Tahoe City just in time for dinner at Rosie’s Cafe. 

I am well fed, happy, clean, and so ready to enjoy this super comfy warm bed. 

I just love how being out in nature makes me so appreciative of the small things in life. 

Morning lenticular clouds
Morning lenticular clouds
Snow Plant
Snow Plant
Bear Scat
Bear Scat
View from North Shore of Lake Tahoe
View from North Shore of Lake Tahoe
Descent Down to Tahoe City
Descent Down to Tahoe City
Dinner at Rosie's Cafe in Tahoe City
Dinner at Rosie’s Cafe in Tahoe City


  1. Great big smiles in all the pictures. looks like you gals are having a blast!

  2. crackedcrown

    That’s big miles you’re doing, how is young Erin going to keep up with you girls?
    As always, your photo’s are fantastic. Thanks for blogging.
    Gary- Perth Australia

  3. Why is it women always look like they’re having the most fun in trail pictures? What’s your secret?

  4. MMMM, those meals make me hungry just looking at them. Enjoy your town day! -Thank you for labeling your photos. I love learning the names of the flora and clouds. Can’t wait for my trip next month.

  5. Great pic of bear scat. I could almost….well, you know. All 3 of you seem to be happier now than day one. Bigger smiles anyway. Prime rib rare! Oh yeah.

  6. Rockin’:
    Wow you guys are really flying. My wife and I had breakfast at Rosie’s last Monday and it was pretty awesome. I recognize your table next to all the old skis on the wall. Hope you continue to enjoy the TRT experience.

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