A Visit to Scotland’s TGO Challenge

Climbing Cairn Hillock - Lochnagar looming in the background
Climbing Cairn Hillock – Lochnagar looming in the background

This week sees the start of the 2015 The Great Outdoors Challenge. Between Friday, May 8 – 22, 318 intrepid backpackers will make their way from the west to the east coast of Scotland on the 36th annual coast-to-coast extravaganza.

Dan and I completed this epic trek that started this week, 1 year ago. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think, wonder, dream, or remember back to the land of Scotland.

What a better time to remember hill walking the Highlands, Monadhliath, and Cairngorm Mountains, than by creating a video!

Many of you followed and supported me along the TGO, but if you are new to Lady on a Rock this a great way to experience the trek. Who knows, some of you just might become a new Challenger next year. Just sayin’.

Wishing all the 2015 TGO adventurers safe travels and pleasant weather!

All this talk of Scotland has me itching for a new adventure. I think this weekend sounds good. Enjoy.

New Quick Reference Page Added:

A quick reference page for Scotland’s The Great Outdoors Challenge with route, links, and journal information is now under Trips in the top menu.


  1. Hi Christy& Dan,
    Just looked through your video,Callater lodge will be heaving again come May 2016.I’m walking with Keith and Charlie this year,Keiths 20 th my 18th.

    • Christy "Rockin'" Rosander

      STORMIN’! It is so good to hear from you. Wow, what great memories we have of the Callater Lodge. Our first bacon butty and song. We loved Scotland and hope to visit again in the future. Here is to your 18th!

  2. What a wonderful trip! Thoroughly enjoyed reading and of course looking at the fantastic photos

  3. So glad you enjoyed your trip to and across Scotland. Lovely video. What’s the music?
    I haven’t kept my blog up to date recently and yours has inspired me to get going again.


    • Hello Gibson, Thank you for commenting and sharing about your blog. Keeping a blog up is work. I think the trick is not letting it get to you if you do get behind and if it is not enjoyable, it is not worth your time. Really nice to hear your input. 🙂

      The music is a battle song, “The Blood of Cu Chulainn” by Jell Danna and Mychael Danna on the album Ceiltic 5 Twilight. I love it.

  4. That was great and well put together.

  5. GKinAustin

    Delightful summary. Your video made my Scottish roots feel a calling. Excellent production, and looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  6. Loved the video. Very nice to hear what you sound like, especially when singing. Hope your adventure this weekend is awesome. We may head up to Mammoth for a few days. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Ahh Mammoth. I heard they just got like 2 feet of snow. Thank God! Good time to head to the hills. My voice, well that was a wake up call. When I first started this blog I recorded my voice on many videos while I was walking or on the top of a peak, but I haven’t for quite some time. Funny.

      Happy weekend to you!

      • Just returned for Mammoth. Most of the snow from last weeks storm is already melted but we skied on Monday morning nonetheless. Then fished Hot Creek in the afternoon. Where else but CA?

  7. I really enjoyed this recap; and admire you two so much. The end photo says a million words. It is good to be happy, especially with the one you love the most!

    • Warren, you always have a way with the English language. You make me smile. I really appreciate my readers even being willing to come along with me on these sometimes crazy adventures. Thank you so very much.

      Walking into the ocean at the end was very fine indeed.

  8. vickylcox

    This looks like the trip of a lifetime! How did you manage the humidity and rain being Californians (I hate humidity!)? What was the highest elevation on this trip?

    • All the peaks or Munros (peaks over 3000 feet) we climbed were between 3000 and 4000 feet. Sounds easy. Right? Not so much. Everything always goes back down 3000 feet. Up up up down down down. As for the humidity and rain, I think our clothing selections and lightweight gear really helped from being hot and muggy or cold and wet.

      I highly recommend this trip for anyone who would like to meet great people and hike in another country. It was pretty great.

  9. Wow, it’s been a year already? Well done my friend!

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