Just for the Joy

Mind full.
Schedule packed.
Running late for work.
Small glimmer caught my eye.
With a head turn.
I beheld…

Sunrise ~ Bear Valley Springs
Sunrise ~ Bear Valley Springs

Since this day, I have wondered just how many important daily moments have I missed? by not looking up? not stopping to pause and listen? or be closed to something new?

Daylight saving marks the time to get moving, planning, and exercising for the upcoming spring and summer hiking season. It is also a buzzing time on Facebook and the Internet with all kinds of preparation, recommendations, and questions for upcoming long thru-hikes or shorter weekend backpacks. Admittedly, my mind is brimming with calculations, maps, food, gear, logistics, and physically getting ready. This spring and summer, I have fun and very challenging hiking trips planned.

I am like a horse getting ready for a race.

But I want to stop and offer encouragement for anyone who is willing to embrace nature and what is freely given each day. It is not about the trips, the mileage, how fast you go, but the little things every day we experience and enjoy, whether it be on the drive to work, a walk with your dog or kids, or just how you embrace the view out a work or home window.

So I gave myself a pep talk. Each day I am striving to do the following steps. Try it. It works.

1. Look up and carefully observe your natural surroundings.

2. Stop. Take a deep breath and listen.

3. Learn or experience something new every day.

4. Take joy in the little things.

Have a great week! It is a good one.


  1. As much as I dislike getting out of bed early in the morning to take the dogs out, I have seen some beautiful sunrises because of that and give thanks always for having to get up so early. 🙂

  2. Good things to remember. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful reminder to all of us!

    • Well hello Arizona Trail hiker. You are living all 4 daily! This does bring to light that while on trail all 4 of the steps fall into place naturally for most hikers with literally no effort. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for post-trail depression? Hike on.

  4. I completely agree!! Everyone has different circumstances, resources and abilities; yet each and every one of us can benefit from taking time to observe the beauty around us, listen, and learn something new. Oftentimes, the most seemingly mundane moments can stop us in our tracks and take our breaths away if we will only let them.

  5. it’s scenes like this that makes one humble
    BEAUTIFUL… glad you were there to capture it

  6. Yes!!! #1. -The last two days I have seen a Mockingbird come to a hanging planter just outside my remote office window and take thin straw-like material to make its nest. These moments make my day worthwhile!

  7. All four are great, #2 I like the most. 😀

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