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I love my Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack for a weekend or an extended backpack. My Gorilla has hitched a ride happily on my back for over 1,000 miles.

  • Comfortable for the big mile days with an egg crate foam pad
  • Supportive for when you have to carry extra water or multiple days of food
  • Extra attention to detail in design: water bottle pockets, big mesh pocket to quickly stuff extra gear and clothes, big hip belt pockets to stash camera, iPhone, snacks and sunscreen, top zipper for maps, first-aid, or food.

If you are looking for a larger volume pack or would like a pack that fits a bear canister easily, check out the Mariposa model. My husband Dan loves this pack and used it on Scotland’s Great Outdoors Challenge 2014. Or perhaps you are looking for a small daypack for work, running, or a replacement for a purse, then check out the Quiksak. Wired used this little gem on our Death Valley adventures.

What’s on my wish list? The Type 2 Utility Backpack (I hear this back is awesome for day-hiking) and the Quiksak.


Rockin's Gear List
Rockin’s Gear List


Check out my gear list for spring, summer, and fall backpacking. The list is packed with awesome gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast.

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  1. You just gotta love gear posts! Well I do anyway. I did notice you were thinking of a small daypack. I’ve gone to using a waist pack for most of my day hikes and love the fact that I don’t have a sweaty back like I do with a day pack. -Just another way to do it. Merry Christmas! (again).

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