Peak Fall Color

Fall is in full force in the eastern Sierras. Now is the time to pack up your camera, cool weather clothes and hit the trail. Some of my favorite places to visit are: McGee Creek Canyon, North Fork Pine Creek, Lundy Canyon, and June Lake.

Convict Canyon


  1. Cool images you have published here. Really mind blowing

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I’m so behind in reading this and haven’t even been out a hike in longer than a month; but you’re right, now’s the time.

  3. You are an inspiration my friend…

  4. I too would love to see photos of the areas you wrote about above. I did pass through June Lake in the beginning of August. Unfortunately, there was a fire and the whole area was smoke-choked. Luckily where I came from in the Tuoloumne Meadows area was mostly unaffected, at least in comparison to June Lake. -Beautiful photo.

  5. beautiful !! Is the drought any better ??

  6. I look forward to reading about and seeing the pictures from your cool weather adventures.

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