Hitting the Dirt with Silly Chili

That’s pretty neat.
~Silly Chili

Lots of shenanigans filled our Continental Divide Trail trek last summer.

Many of you may recall that I was hiking with my son, Silly Chili, Love Note, Burly, Wired, Drop n’ Roll, Ninja, and Sweetfish.

While we were hiking Silly Chili lugged an iPad and books for 2 online classes he was taking for the nursing program he entered last August. Last week he graduated with his second bachelor degree, Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Concordia University. He now is known as bachelor, bachelor, bachelor Grant. I am so very excited and proud of him. Congratulations buddy!

Silly Chili Graduates
Silly Chili Graduates

So I’ll bet you all can just guess how we are celebrating. Yep…hoisting backpacks and heading into the mountains.

We are on our way for a 2 day jaunt. We both agreed our trip needed trail and cross-country, lots of miles, maybe a peak to climb, remote, and of course in the high country.

Just for fun, below is a Google Earth view of our loop trip without the waypoints.

Anyone know where we are heading?
Hint: in the Sierras of course.

Have a great weekend everyone!Thanks for following us along.

Guess where we’re going?


  1. Congratulations! No more pencils, no more books, no more…..well, you know the ending. What a great accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations Silly Chily on another epic achievement and to you and your family !!

  3. Congrats to your entire family on SC’s success!
    The beautiful area you “R” going 2 will remain a secret with me.
    BTW: May I ask a favor? For us guys who follow your travels, someday could you add a small Gear List that highlights some of the gear choices that Dan and SC like. Your collective trail-cred makes your gear lists a must read every season.
    Happy and safe travels

  4. Congrats Silly Chilli!

    Hope you are having a great 3-day trip! Don’t know where your at, but would like to know.

    Congrats Bachelor, Bachelor, Bachelor! And Bachelor’s mom and dad too!

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