July 25 – Making New Tracks

“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Mile 4 Mount Jefferson Detour to View Lake – Mount Jefferson and Mount Hood Wildernesses
21.1 miles + 9.5 hitch hike

Welp today couldn’t have gone better.

Except… just as I finished the detour around the fire closure, I learned that they were opening up the PCT Mount Jefferson closure tomorrow. Although I am thankful for the scenery, food, and people I met today.

The Marion Lake trail on the detour to the highway was gorgeous with flowing streams, views, and lakes with no burn area. Early morning I watched a flock of geese in V formation gracefully swim across Lake Marion. Very peaceful.

At the end of the fire road, I ate a huge breakfast and pie without crust (gluten free version) at Marion Forks Restaurant. What a huge treat! I had decided to hitch a ride on the highway part of the detour. As fate would have it, a great family of men from Bend going backpacking went out of their way to give me a ride. It was fun talking with them. They were actually carrying a fully loaded ice chest up to Marion Lake. Crazy.

As I got back on the trail, I stopped to talk to a lovely group of men from the Pacific Crest Trail Association doing volunteer trail maintenance. I am so grateful for the improved condition of this little section of trail. Thank you to all the volunteers out their making this trail a pleasure to walk.

My route then lead through the very popular Jefferson Park that is nestled directly beneath Mount Jefferson. It is a wonderland.

The trail then lead up to a pass that is known for snow. As I climbed, a few backpackers were turned around because they could not find foot prints to follow on the north side and didn’t have a GPS.

Sure enough when I reached the top…pristine snow. I had fun boot skiing down and making new tracks.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see Drop n’ Roll. Many of you know her from her very entertaining and informative Continental Divide Trail blog last summer. Silly Chili and I hiked with her and friends for a month and a half last summer. She lives in Portland and said she would find me on the trail. She surely must have special powers.

















  1. You gotta love those alpine lakes. At least I do!

  2. That last photo is beautiful! I enjoy reading the stories you tell about the people you meet and your experiences on the trail.

  3. I am loving all your entries and photos…these are some of my favorites! Safe and wonderful travels and i will see you all too soon! 🙂

  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful bear grass photos out of Washington and Canada over past week, including yours of course. I so love making the first footsteps in snow. Such beauty and wonderment. I agree with previous poster that you know how to focus on the lemonade!

    • Beekeeper, On those days that it is all you can do is put one foot in front of each other, attitude is key. Hikers know that or they quit. I think we all have strategies to keep on keepin’ on.


  5. Jill Wilson

    I’m glad you are enjoying lovely Mt Jefferson and my home ‘stomping grounds. I have enjoyed your posts the last two seasons and it’s time to say thank you and tell you how much I like your well thought-out musings and the manner in which you embrace not only the good but also the drudgy, challenging times. Your photos are pretty amazing too!! I wasn’t certain if you are continuing through WA.? May see you there on a section hike. Thank you! Jill Wilson. Salem, OR

    • Hello Jill, First of all thank you so much for your positive words and taking the time to write your thoughts. I teach and go back to work the first week in August, so Washington will be another summer. You live in such a special place. Happy hiking.


  6. Nice images. My home turf (used to be).

  7. SO glad the weather changed for you!!

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