June 30 – Oh those Palisade Peaks

ADVICE FROM A TREE: Stand tall and proud, remember your roots. Reflect the light of your true nature. Drink plenty of Water. Enjoy the view! 
~Notepaper, Your True Nature Company, Fort Collins, CO
compliments of Hamburger Helper

Woods Creek to Palisade Lakes
19 miles

I left camp today without Grasshopper. My mind was all over the place and had a difficult day mentally. I knew I needed to shift to be safe.

The descent and ascent was crazy hiking over both Pinchot and Mather passes. A very beautiful but tough day.

The Sierras remind me of what they normally look like in late August, due to such a low snow year. On the other hand, the forest is teaming with deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, birds, and bugs of every sort.

At the top of Mather Pass is an unforgettable and unique view of quite a few of California’s fourteeners. I have climbed most, but want to climb all of them. I will need a guide with gear and ropes for the remaining unclimbed peaks.

I met few new PCT hikers today and am camping with Two Feathers from Hawaii. Our camp is overlooking Palisade Lakes. It is a beaut!!!!!20140703-111229-40349523.jpg














  1. There’s nothing like the Sierras. I was oohing and aahing as I scrolled to each photo. Beautiful! Is it hard to be out there without your husband? I think I’d want to share the amazing sights with him.

  2. The flower photos rock! And the shot of the basin with a sliver view of the lake is really cool too. Today’s quote is nice “Reflect the light of your true nature.” Now that’s the way to do it.

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