The Liebster Award & the Important Questions


Lady on a Rock was nominated for the Liebster Award along many other fine bloggers out there!

First of all thank you Jan (aka The Beekeeper aka Roaming Angel in Bright Pink Hat) from Jan’s Jaunts and Jabberings for your nomination and for being such a faithful follower. Jan writes about her love for the outdoors and trips in Northern California. I hope to meet and hike with her someday!

When I first got this nomination I was simply confused because most the of the blogs being nominated are not new blogs (I am like an old tree and have been around 5 years). The real purpose of the award is to introduce readers to new quality blogs. Also, it seemed complicated and a lot of work, BUT then I saw the light.

The questions.

The answers.




Who doesn’t want the inside scoop?

So by accepting this award I have a few rules I must abide by…well sort of:

Rule #1 – I must answer the 11 questions provided by Jan.
Thanks Jan. It was fun reflecting back. Here ya go.

1. How old were you when you first camped? hiked? backpacked?

I went on my first real camping trip in the woods in college. On that same outing I experienced my first hike through the giant redwoods in Sequoia National Park.

Backpacking? Ah yes…shortly after my son was born. You all know him as Silly Chili. On this first backpack I was loaded down with borrowed gear from head to toe and was sporting cut-off jean shorts, a sports bra, and visor. I had no idea what the area was called at the time, but now know the destination as Little Lakes Valley and Bishop Pass in the eastern Sierras. I remember getting to the top of this high ridge (Bishop Pass) in borrowed moccasins because I had enormous blisters,   looking over, and wanting to know more about that other side. Well…most of you know it as Dusy Basin.

Who could go wrong with Sequoia Giant Redwoods and the high Sierra as their first trips into the back-country? At the time I had no idea the long-term impact these first trips would unfold.

2. What piece of outdoor gear have you had the longest (that you still use)? what is it and why have you not replaced it?

Believe it or not it is my Jet Boil Stove. I bought my first one the year they came out. I still have that same stove and use it car camping. Gotta say I have upgraded to the lighter Sol Titanium. It is fast, reliable, uses just a little fuel (I can get 20 days of solo hiking on one small canister), compact, and super light.

3. Do you have a favorite wilderness area? or favorite trail?

This is a no-brainer…the John Muir Trail… in a high snow year or in a drought, it is simply the best.

4. When on an outdoor adventure, what is your favorite time of day?

Always early morning just before the sun rises. The lighting takes my breath away.

5. What is your favorite season and why?

Summer. I am off work and it is time to play.

6. Do you have a favorite outdoor adventure related book, film, or website that you like to recommend?

Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
It is the true thru-hike in raw form. I listen to at least part of this book each summer. Great at the end of a hot, hard day. Compared to Inman’s struggles my troubles are mute.

Oh and I have to add the entire mystery “Anna Pigeon” series by Nevada Barr (there are 18 in all). I have her newest book Destroyer Angel on Audible for my summer trek through Oregon and Washington.

7. Who was/is your outdoor adventure mentor?

Cam “Swami” Honan
Who else would come off a Death Valley (lowest) to Mount Whitney (highest) expedition and willing and enthusiastically show up early… mind you, to talk to my elementary school students about hiking in amazing and wonderful places. Thank you Swami for your friendship and wise advise. You make me think and work harder.

8. What has been your most memorable misadventure?

The day I got off the trolley at Crater Lake, Oregon to hike north on the PCT summer of 2012. Sound familiar? I will getting off this very same trolley June 27th at the end of this month yet again. Got a admit, I still have dreams at night of hitting walls of snow in Oregon. I really don’t want to retell and relive it,  so here is the story if interested, When to Turn Back

9. What lesson(s) would you most like to share about trail life?

Go with your instincts: in life, on your job, with your family, at the mall, and in the back-country. There is always a price to pay if you do not take heed. Unfortunately, I know and continue to know.

10. They say we pack our fears in our backpack, what fear do you pack in yours?

Getting hurt and not being able to hike again.

11. Name one item near the top of your bucket list.

Finishing ALL 2650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail this summer!!!!!!! I have 822 to go.

Rule #2 – Nominate bloggers (I ignored the new blogger thing)

Rule #3 – Provide those nominees with 11 questions

List of purely selfish questions for you nominees. Can’t wait to hear your replies.

  1. Favorite outdoor guidebook?
  2. Why do you walk? The answer cannot be “Because I am crazy”.
  3. Having a stressful day at work? what gets you through? an outdoor experience perhaps?
  4. I am a peak bagger. Do you have any recommendations?
  5. What gets you through the last miles of a hard day besides crying? Again selfish.
  6. Your favorite trail food? It would be great if you could recommend a gluten and dairy free option.
  7. I have to ask…what are 2 of your favorite funny hiking quotes? Shamelessly selfish again. I am gathering quotes for this summer’s blog entries.
  8. We are all bloggers. What keeps you motivated to keep writing?
  9. Since I loved this question I am going to ask. How old were you when you first camped? hiked? backpacked?
  10. Who doesn’t love a good sunrise and sunset? Where have been your favorites?
  11. So what is your next planned adventure?

Rule #4

Thank You Jan for the Nomination. You rock! Always looking forward to your next adventure!

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  1. Uh-oh – looks like I’ve got some work to do. Thank you-thank you-thank you for this honor! Hoping to complete the post soon.

  2. Congratulations Rockin’! Very well deserved. I so love reading your blog and experiencing the trail with you. It is a real pleasure that I look forward to. Especially when you are on the trail. -I did think that you’d mention your close call or two in the Grand Canyon in regards to Question #8 above. You had great advice to offer in the face of that tough decision, which would have gone great in Question #9. Thanks for accepting the award and now we can all check out a few new blogs. (Glad to see you nominated Wired. She is who turned me on to you. You both Rock!)

    • You are so right! I think we all have numerous close calls to gather wisdom from. I will be hitting the trail next week. I look forward to sharing my adventure. Thanks Warren.

  3. Rockin’, you rock! I LOVED Cold Mountain…the book & the movie; and I’ve only read one Nevada Barr book. I bet you can guess which one (the one that took place in Yosemite, of course). It was fun reading your reponses to the questions and getting to know you a little better. Lastly, I thank you for your nomination of my blog. I will think about the answers and how to proceed.

  4. Love your responses! Thank you fur sharing and accepting the award. I obviously ignored the rules also because it’s really about sharing worthwhile blogs.

    I look forward to reading or listening to Cold Mountain. I read Nevada Barr books a while ago. Good reminder to look her up again.

    I’m so excited to hear that the JMT is your favorite even after all the trails you’ve done. I’m really looking forward to exploring the area and may make this my first long trail. Considering it for my October retirement and big 55 celebration.

    Can’t wait to check out these other blogs.

    Thanks again and many happy steps as you finish up the PCT!

    • Renegades we are. October is the big month hey? Wow, the world will be wide open or even better your backyard. Thanks again for the nomination.

  5. Earl Williams

    I dont know if I can express the deep spiritual side of hiking that come through your eyes and onto your blog. I think you are truly a great writer with so many stories to share. By far the best hiking blog(s) of the many that I have seen and follow, You are the Pulitzer Prize Award winner of our world. Sincerely, Earl Williams (Loon), Las Cruces, NM

  6. Coolio!!! She nominated mine also!! I guess since I have time I should answer questions!!

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