Day 11 – The Mist


” My hearts in the highlands
My heart is not here
My hearts in the highlands
A chasing the deer
Chasing the wild deer
And following the roe
My hearts in the highlands
Wherever I go ”

Robert Burns ( 1759-1796)

May 20, 2014
Tarfside to Fetteresso Forest

I think Dan and I are known in Scotland as the silly Americans who start walking early in the morning (6:00 am) and that trained for the TGO in the sandy beaches of California. Oh and I am sure many other things as well. Too funny.

We are now a day ahead of our planned schedule, largely because of good weather that did not hinder our progress across.

The fog in the US is called mist here…so this early morning we left Tarfside in the mist through fields and fields of green rolling hills spotted with sheep. Then our path led us to the Char Bothy where we enjoyed a very long leisurely lunch. We walked at the fringe of wind farms, trudged through bogs, and reluctantly stepped into dark and spooky plantation tree farms. Now that is diversity!

Scotland is packed with large swaths of land with planted pine for the purpose of harvesting. The trees are planted very close together so they will grow straight. Deep and dark they are.

Tonight we are camped in a wet low area with other campers, because camping was not favorable for quite a few miles. The mud here stinks and the water is very very deep amber due to peet. Water filters do not change the color. Our water bottles look like we are drinking wine or whiskey. Everyone pitched here are already in bed at 7:00 pm. It is very quiet.

TOMORROW we will be finishing our adventure across Scotland at Stonehaven.











  1. Great photos. I can’t believe you’re almost finished.

  2. The moth is a female Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia). It feeds an heather.

  3. Wow, you are almost there. Great story and photos too. Love that huge spider web. Be safe and have a strong finish. And a game or two of golf for Dan.

    • Warren,
      Dan did indeed play golf (I walked the course with him) and we visited St. Andrews The Old Course. Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. It was a fine journey.

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