Day 9 – Lochnagar


“England! Thy beauties are tame and domestic
To one who has roved o’er the mountains afar;
Oh for the crags that are wild and majestic!
The steep frowning glories of dark Lochnagar”

-Lord Byron

May 18, 2014
Braemar to Glen Muick
Cairngorm National Park

After a fellow challenger’s advise while we were in the Fife Arms, we decided to alter our morning route and pass by the Callater Lodge. Boy are we glad we did. We were greeted with big smiles, laughter, hot tea, and Scotland’s famous Bacon Butties (ham sandwich). What a group of fantastic trail angels! Thank you gentlemen.

Today we climbed the Munro, Lochnagar in the wind and fog. It was a good climb, but we were unable to see the famous views because of fog.

In the afternoon we descended steeply into beautiful Glen Muick.

Rain is falling hard on our cozy, waterproof tent.

Tomorrow we are headed cross-country to climb Mount Keen.

Note: In my sleepy stupor last night, I forgot to add a few photos and info to yesterday’s entry. The post is now updated.20140523-044343.jpg20140523-044408.jpg20140523-044424.jpg20140523-044511.jpg20140523-044531.jpg20140523-044605.jpg20140523-044632.jpg20140523-044648.jpg20140523-044705.jpg20140523-044726.jpg20140523-044736.jpg







  1. Rod MacDonald

    Hi guys, Rod MacDonald here, enjoying reading your blog. You know, there are two summits on lochnagar, carn cac mor and carn cac beag, however, they are named the wrong way round, is the lower is called mor (greater). As for the rest of the name, you’ll have to look up your handy Gaelic dictionary…

    • Hello Rod, Thank you for clearing that up. In looking at the map we climbed Cac Carn Beag, Cac Carn Mor, and Meikle Pap. We could not figure out why the marker said Lochnagar. We were there in the mist with very little visibility. Big thanks.

  2. I’m so enjoying traveling along with you. Thanks for keeping up with the posts. I know it is not easy to do.

  3. Great post Rockin’. Love the photos and the concise comments. And that shot of Dan is a bit funny too!

  4. Such fun. There are even angels in Scotland! Beautiful country and pictures.

  5. annathrax

    Ahh that beautiful scottish scenery! Gorgeous!

  6. What a blast! Such dramatic landscape. Enjoy.

  7. Found an appropriate poem for your trip ” My hearts in the highlands
    My heart is not here
    My hearts in the highlands
    A chasing the deer
    Chasing the wild deer
    And following the roe
    My hearts in the highlands
    Wherever I go ”

    Robert Burns ( 1759-1796)

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